Rick Wilson Shows That He’s a Piece of Sh*t Once Again

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh announced that he’s been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

For normal conservatives, this was depressing news.

However, for Never Trumpers like Ricks Wilson, such news was a golden opportunity for him to act like a pretentious hack.

Wilson tweeted, “I just heard the news that Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer. I’m going to show you how this should be done: I wish Rush a speedy and complete recovery from his cancer. Human being pro-tip: don’t wish cancer on *anyone*…even on your adversaries.”


Although the first part of Wilson’s statement was reasonable, Wilson went overboard by trying to “show you how this should be done.” As if people need special instruction on how to act decently in light of sensitive news.

This is especially rich when coming from an individual who wants to send people who exercise vaccine choice to the camps.

Wilson was taken to task on Twitter.

Ryan Petty the founder of Walk Up for Schools quote tweeted Wilson, “The rest of us rubes already knew how to do this.”



Sarah D. of Twitchy left Wilson with a tip: “Here’s a pro-tip for Rick: Next time you want to wish someone well, just wish them well and leave your self-righteousness out of it.”

Limbaugh has been one of the most explosive voices for conservatism in the past few decades.

His refusal to bow down to the high priests of political correctness makes him an inspiration for many on the Right.

On this day of sad news, the least people can do is pay their respects to Limbaugh and not try to boost their egos like Rick Wilson did.

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