Right Wing Journalist Rushes the Stage in Protest During Trump Assassination Play in NYC

Inside Edition YouTube/Screenshot https://youtu.be/-qfzqBr1qh0

Rebel Media journalist and right wing activist Laura Loomer rushed the stage in protest during the Julius Caesar play depicting an assassination of President Donald Trump.


“Stop the normalization of political violence against the right –” Loomer screamed as she took to the stage. The crowd, clearly pleased with the violence against the right, booed her statement.

The incident was filmed by independent journalist Jack Posobiec, who also began protesting and accusing the people supporting the mock assassination of being no better than Nazis as Loomer was dragged away.

“YOU ARE INCITING TERRORISTS! THE BLOOD OF STEVE SCALISE IS ON YOUR HANDS!” Posobiec declared as security approached him.

Loomer also livestreamed from the stage:


Loomer was arrested following the protest.

“Because of normalized political violence against the right, and the police, some of them were sympathetic to my cause — one even winked at me and said thank you for your support. This further shows that many members of the New York public are disgusted with leftist political violence against the right,” Loomer told Big League Politics.

She also stated that NYPD officers were pulling up articles about the protest and excitedly letting her know that she had made the top of Drudge.


“Today we took the fight for free speech to the heart of left-wing terrorist radicalization. Goebbels would be proud. President Trump was stabbed again and again and the crowd cheered. It made my blood run cold,” Posobiec told Big League. “These people must understand their actions have consequences. I call on the Public Theater to apologize to the family of Steve Scalise.”

As we have previously reported, the Public Theater performance is sponsored by the New York Times, who has had a blatant contempt for the president and his administration.

“As an institution that believes in free speech for the arts as well as the media, we support the right of the Public Theater to stage the production as they chose,” the Times said in a statement.

The “Shakespeare in the Park” production is a contemporary update on the original, does not refer to the president by name — but their Caesar character holds a striking resemblance to Trump and even has a wife with a Slavic accent similar to the First Lady.

During the play, the Caesar character is shown fully nude, as well as tweeting from a bathtub before being stabbed to death by female and minority senators as an American Flag hangs beside them.

Loomer recently made massive waves when she covered the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue in New York City with a burka to protest against Islamic oppression of women.

Loomer told Big League that she “wanted to show the ideological inconsistency between feminism and Islam which are two completely incompatible concepts. I wanted to teach these women who idolize this statue about real issues facing women across the globe.”

UPDATE: The NYPD has confirmed to Big League Politics that Loomer has been charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

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