Riley Gaines DEFENDS 16-Year-Old Girl Who Was Kicked Off YMCA Swim Team And Accused Of ‘Hate Speech’ For Objecting To Men In Women’s Locker Room

In clown world news, a YMCA has banned a 16-year-old girl for objecting to naked men in the women’s locker room.

Riley Gaines shared the story on Twitter:

The young girl was also kicked off the Springfield YMCA Typhoons Swim Team (SPY) in Springfield, Illinois; a team that allows biological men to compete and change their clothes amongst biological women. 

Here is some summary by the now-banned girl’s father:

On April 27, 2023, my sixteen-year-old daughter, a member of the YMCA SPY Swim Team, entered the girl’s locker to change out of her swimsuit and noticed a couple transgender individuals sitting in the locker room. My daughter went back out on the pool deck and informed the head swim coach, Alex Totura, of the situation and he responded to her by stating, “There’s nothing I can do about it.” 

… Parents asked if the YMCA could ask the transgender members to use the Family Changing Area (private bathrooms with toilet, sink shower and changing area) instead of the girl’s locker room. The YMCA staff said they could not do that because it is discrimination and against the law… 

As the father’s summary continues, there is one argument and defense that stands out most. 

It is that no one appears to be willing to do anything to object to men in women’s locker rooms because “it is discrimination,” and also apparently “against the law” in places like Illinois.

Gaines is calling on locals to raise their voices against this delusional decision to ban the 16-year-old girl. While also holding individuals involved in this story accountable. 

“The coach (Alex Totura), the YMCA admin (Angie Sowle), and everyone else who told these girls their innate feeling of discomfort when undressing next to someone with male parts is really just ‘transphobia’ need to be held accountable,” Gaines wrote.

The father’s summary continues, stating that parents were finally able to set up a meeting with YMCA staff. However, it was abruptly canceled with no reason given.

Feeling dismissed without resolution, my daughter and one teammate hung signs in the girl’s locker room on May 23, 2023 in support of their position. My daughter’s signs read “Women’s Rights,” “Biological Women Only,” and “Safe Sport.”

On May 24, 2023, at the beginning of the normal swim team practice, coach Totura and Kenzie Primus, Branch Director of the Kerasotes Branch (westside) pulled all the girls aside for a meeting to discuss the hanging of the signs. They indicated that this was not acceptable, and it was “hate speech.” My daughter approached the coach Totura immediately after the meeting and indicated that she was involved in the hanging of the signs. She said that she did this because her previous attempts to correct this were dismissed by the YMCA staff and her coach. Coach Totura said that this was hate speech; she was not allowed to participate with the swim team; and was asked to leave the pool area.

Megyn Kelly has ripped into this growing trend of biological men in women’s spaces lately. 

She is arguing that whether it be biological men in women’s sports, or the gender craze phenomenon plaguing public school systems across the nation, girls – especially young ones – are being unfairly harmed most.

“There is no safe space now for girls,” Kelly has broadcasted. 

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