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RINO ALERT? David Perdue Sat on Millions in Campaign Cash as Democrats Took Georgia Senate Seats

Perdue is proving his critics to be correct.



It has been revealed that former U.S. Senator David Perdue, who lost his seat in Georgia in embarrassing fashion last month, was sitting on millions of dollars amidst his crushing defeat.

American Greatness senior fellow Ned Ryun pointed out in a tweet that Perdue currently has nearly $6 million in cash on hand:

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Perdue cared more about securing his war chest and leveraging his cash flow to boost his ambitions than doing everything in his power to keep the Democrats from effectively controlling the Senate.

Last week, it was reported that Perdue is already planning his next run for Senate even though he just blew it pathetically last month.

“Just as my runoff election determined the majority in the US Senate, this 2022 Senate race in Georgia will also determine the majority and will be the focal race in America once again,” Perdue said.

Perdue hopes he can beat Sen. Raphael Warnock, who defeated former Sen. Kelly Loeffler – another shameful RINO loser – in last month’s run-off election. Perdue was beaten by Sen. Jon Ossoff and forced to leave office in disgrace.

“Today, we can already see the impending damage that America will suffer from the Biden administration,” Perdue wrote, in a statement attributed to himself and his wife, Bonnie Perdue. 

“Over the next few weeks, Bonnie and I will diligently consider our options about how to best serve the people of Georgia,” the ex-lawmaker added.

Big League Politics reported on Perdue being a RINO who denied election fraud and pined to work with Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden while on the campaign trail:

Senator David Perdue appears to have acknowledged Joe Biden as the incoming president in a private Zoom call.

The video was obtained and the story first reported by the Washington Post.

The Zoom call took place Wednesday with members of the Republican Jewish Coalition. The clip features Perdue, Senator Kelly Loeffler, and former senator and current RJC lobbyist Norm Coleman.

“If we can keep the majority in the Senate, we can at least be a buffer on some of the things that the Biden camp has been talking about in terms of foreign policy,” said Perdue. “I believe […] we have the potential, if we have a majority in the Senate, that Mitch McConnell could indeed negotiate with Biden in a way that we haven’t seen in two or three administrations.”

“I think if we keep these two seats, we have an opportunity to do something that we lost in the last administration between Pelosi and Trump. That was just a bridge too far, to think that we were going to get them to negotiate,” Perdue added. “But here we have Biden and McConnell, who are ex-colleagues in the Senate, who are not only negotiators, who, if Biden can get away from this extreme part of his party, he might make some deals.”

Perdue would be wise to quit while he is behind and let an individual such as former Rep. Doug Collins or another Trump loyalist make a run for the Senate. 


Mitch McConnell Will Vote to Confirm Far-Left Open Borders Merrick Garland as Attorney General

What is he thinking?



Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed that he plans to vote for President Biden’s Attorney General nominee, Merrick Garland, speaking on Tuesday afternoon to Politico.

Garland’s confirmation hearing took a sharply partisan approach, with the spurned former Supreme Court nominee vowing to prioritize political prosecutions of trespassers involved in the January 6th Capitol riot.

Garland may be among Biden’s most radical cabinet nominees, and some have questioned if he intends to pursue revenge on Republicans for spiking his Supreme Court nomination in 2016. The circuit judge espoused a legal philosophy that wouldn’t view illegal immigration as a crime, a radical embrace of Biden’s “America Last” migration approach that prioritizes the interests of illegal aliens over American citizens.

Garland had likened a handful of raucous protestors who trespassed in the Capitol to the Oklahoma city bombing, stating the politically charged incident would be his highest priority as Attorney General. In reality, the vast majority of the dozens of people charged in the riot are charged with misdemeanors- a far cry from an “armed insurrection.” Garland went on to reference vaguely-defined “domestic extremism” as a supposed imminent threat, a recurring sentiment from Biden cabinet nominees looking for an easy means to criminalize activity that challenges the interests of establishment liberalism.

McConnell may live to regret the day in he handed a green light to Biden’s personal attorney. With the Democrat-Corporate-Media complex set to build a system of ‘Total Governance,’ Garland stands to become a crucial figure in an attack on traditional American law and order, aiming to replace it with a system in which neoliberal globalism reigns as the highest law in the land.

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