RINO ALERT: Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Schmitt Refuses to Disavow Mitch McConnell’s Leadership

Missouri attorney general and current U.S. Senate contender Eric Schmitt refused to say whether or not he would support Mitch McConnell’s reinstatement as Senate Majority Leader if the Republicans get back into power during the 2022 midterm elections.

“Assuming Republicans take back the Senate, I have to ask you: Are you going to support Mitch McConnell?” reporter Amanda Head from Real America’s Voice asked Schmitt.

“Oh look, I don’t even think anybody is running against him. I’m going to take my cues from people like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and Mike Lee and talk to them about that, for sure,” Schmitt responded.

The career politician and hand-selected favorite of the Missouri GOP establishment continued to equivocate as Head pressed him further.

“Are you opposed [to McConnell] as leader?” Head asked.

“I don’t think…I think that’s a hypothetical, I don’t think he’s running, or I don’t think anyone is even running against him, so, we’ll, we’ll, like I said, I’m going to take my cues and talk to the conservative people that I am going to serve with on that point,” Schmitt said, stammering through a non-answer in response.

Big League Politics has reported on how Schmitt’s America First opponent, Eric Greitens, is articulating his positions much more boldly and forcefully than Schmitt:

Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens slammed leftist tyranny, pulling no punches during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday.

Greitens made it clear that the Leftist threat must be crushed, or America will perish, in his speech to CPAC that made it clear he is the America First champion the freedom movement needs in the Senate.

“We have a mission, and the mission is to take our country back, and we’re here to do it!” Greitens said to massive applause, noting that he served as a Navy SEAL and took his oath to the Constitution very seriously.

“The brutal fact is clear: The Left is actively trying to destroy our country. We know the truth,” he added. “We are going to stand for our country and we are ready to fight for it.”

He noted that he traveled the border, looking at it from the U.S. side as well as the Mexican side, seeing how the waves of third-world invaders are destroying the country. He also mentioned COVID tyranny, critical race theory, defund the police, inflation, and military disasters as ways the Left are trying to destroy America.

“A lot of folks in the mainstream media, some RINOs, they say that this is just Joe Biden being senile and Kamala Harris being incompetent, and that is true, they are, but it’s more than that. Nobody is this stupid,” Greitens said.”

Schmitt’s unwillingness to disavow McConnell’s failed and disastrously unpopular leadership disqualifies him for the U.S. Senate.

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