RINO Claudia Tenney Vows to Run Dirty Campaign, Threatens to Release Secretly Recorded Conversations with MAGA Challenger Mario Fratto

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY) is in the primary fight for her life to keep her tenuous hold on the U.S. House District 24 seat in New York, and newly-released audio shows just how low she is willing to sink to fend off her rising MAGA competitor Mario Fratto.

After Tenney won the Republican primary for the same seat in the previous election cycle, her opponent Fratto graciously called Tenney to concede. Tenney responded by attempting to strongarm him, claiming she possessed jeopardizing audio recordings of Fratto, and would not hesitate to use these illicitly-recorded conversations in future races.

Tenney stated that she was secretly recording Fratto during private, in-person conversations, including when the two first met at a Yates County fundraiser where they were running in different districts at the time and not yet political rivals. This begs the question: Why is Tenney recording other Republicans and attempting to use that information as kompromat to further her establishment political ambitions?

Tenney also claimed in the audio that she vowed not to run a “clean, honest campaign” if she were to go up against Fratto in a future race. The entire video can be seen here:

Additionally, Tenney’s claim that she ran a “clean, honest campaign” in 2022 does not hold up to scrutiny. Tenney and her surrogates were lobbing unfair attacks against Fratto throughout the campaign as well as releasing fake polls in order to manipulate public opinion.

Tenney’s campaign published a poll three weeks before the 2022 primary election which indicated Fratto only had 6 percent support from voters, yet he received over 40 percent of the vote on election night. This bogus poll was widely circulated by the fake news media to bias the public in favor of the Uni-party incumbent, a dirty trick if there ever was one.

Fratto also described the attacks he received from Tenney’s surrogates, including being trashed for his humble working-class background.

“Unlike Claudia Tenney, I will not be supporting billions to Ukraine, increasing the debt, granting amnesty to illegals, taxpayer funded sex change operations for “transgender” people, Planned Parenthood funding, or red flag laws to take your guns,” Fratto said.

Fratto has pilloried Tenney for her awful votes, not hesitating to take the gloves off to expose her terrible ‘America Last’ record:

Fratto’s outspoken campaign has gotten the attention of one of the House Freedom Caucus’ most authentic populists, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who has issued an endorsement.

“Mario will be a warrior for border security, the right to life, the Second Amendment, and for traditional values. And I know he will join me as a strong ally of President Trump after we elect him this November,” Gosar said.

Tenney’s attempts at blackmail will fall flat because the voters of New York’s 24th Congressional District are aware of her betrayals. Fratto is just the type of firebrand that is desperately needed in Congress to drain the Washington D.C. swamp.

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