RINO Texas Congressman and ‘ACT! for America’ are Championing Pre-Crime Legislation

Why do Brian Babin and ACT! for America want to bring Minority Report to America?

The congressman from Texas recently introduced the House version of The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act along with the help of Democratic Congressman Val Demings.

These two elected officials justified this bill’s introduction on the grounds that “mass casualty attacks” pose a “threat to public safety” that require “a proactive solution … in order to prevent future tragedies.”

At a press conference on May 15, Babin unveiled this bipartisan piece of legislation:

We do this first to honor the sacrifice of these men and women in blue, who put their life on the line every single day to protect us in the vital role that law enforcement plays in the safety and well-being of our communities and our districts … And secondly to highlight a bipartisan solution — that we all are working on — to protect our communities and schools from the terrible acts of violence that we have seen and are getting to be almost routine.

The Texas Congressman then followed up by saying that “We know that once the first shot is fired, it is too late. We failed.”

ACT! for America, a national security group that is dedicated towards defending America from Islamic terror, even jumped onboard to defend this bill in a petition on their website.

The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act introduced by Rep. Brian Babin (TX-36) in the House of Representatives and Senator Marco Rubio (FL) in the Senate does the following:

Standardizes and provides a behavioral threat assessment and management process across the Federal government.  Provides states the training, resources, and support needed to stand up community-based, multi-disciplinary behavioral threat assessment and management units. Recognizes that behavioral threat assessment and management processes must become part of the culture and fabric of contemporary law enforcement.  Urges that this is a matter of national security – if we act now and work together, we can save lives.

Despite its harmless title, many believe that the TAPS Act would serve as a pre-crime bill.

According to David Leach of The Strident Conservative, Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s version of the TAPS Act, S.265, would “encourage law enforcement to give EVERYONE a personal threat assessment (adults and children) and single out those they deem as future threats.” From there, this information could later be used to “stop dangerous individuals before they can commit an act of violence.”

Mark Angelides of Liberty Nation also opined on Babin’s statement and what it could potentially mean for civil liberties:

But what result would be measured as a success? If the individual has committed no crime, why should they have their privacy invaded and their life chances hindered with a government record deeming them to be “threat”? If the individual in question has committed a crime, then there are already laws in place to deal with them.

Groups such as ACT! America should consider America First alternatives such as tightening up America’s immigration laws, pulling out of foreign excursions which create refugee crises, and expanding gun rights so people can better defend themselves against terroristic and criminal threats.

Violating civil liberties should never be on the table in these situations.


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