RINO U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Rogers WALKS OUT OF EVENT After Refusing to Answer Questions on His Support of Illegal Spying, Wars, Support of Jan. 6 Probe, History of Anti-Trump Comments

Former Congressman Mike Rogers stormed out of an event on Thursday after being unable to answer questions about his record of supporting illegal spying, supporting undeclared foreign wars, declaring that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen and that Trump should concede, and supporting the legitimacy of the Jan. 6 probe.

The full video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on RINO Rogers’ record of being an anti-Trumper before the deep state hack lied his way to a shameful endorsement from President Trump that has demoralized grassroots America First patriots in Michigan:

Michigan U.S. Senate contender Mike Rogers is now touting himself as a Trump conservative, releasing a supposed endorsement of President Trump as he attempts to become the Republican nominee for the position in 2024…

“I have no doubt President Trump will be able to deliver for the American people on day one, but we must get to work now,” Rogers wrote in in a Daily Caller op/ed. “Let’s unite as Americans and do our part in keeping America strong, safe, secure, and prosperous.”

However, before it was obvious that Trump would be the presidential nominee and it became politically advantageous to endorse him, Rogers was singing a different tune.

During an interview with CBS News in April 2023, Rogers was asked if he would support Trump if he became the nominee. Rogers refused to answer and stated frankly that Trump would not be the nominee in 2024.

“I don’t believe today as I’m sitting here that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2024. Don’t believe it… He may actually stay in for awhile. I just don’t think I believe he will be [the nominee]. His troubles are mounting, his fundraising is waning,” Rogers said.

Rogers has an extensive history of serving the U.S. intelligence apparatus, more commonly known as the “Deep State.” He was a former FBI agent and then became a U.S. Congressman, serving as Chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee where he advocated passionately for the illegal federal spying policies that would be used to frame Trump as a Russian agent and undermine his presidency.

Before Rogers attempted to re-invent himself as a pro-Trump Republican, he was considering a presidential run in 2024 and spoke openly of his contempt for Trump. Rogers told the Washington Post that he believed “Trump’s time has passed,” declared that “Biden was lawfully elected to the presidency,” and called Trump’s tactics “clearly destructive.”’

Mike Rogers is bad for Michigan and must be rejected. He has an immense amount of contempt for the people and is an unrepentant America Last RINO.

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