RIOT ALERT: Philadelphia Sees Protesting, Looting, and Violence After Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Suspect

Officers responding to a domestic violence call in West Philadelphia Monday afternoon shot and killed a suspect refusing to put down a knife. In an all-too-familiar scene, protesters and rioters then took to the streets Monday evening to confront the police and cause mayhem.

The video, which can be seen here courtesy of WPVI, shows the suspect, Walter Wallace, getting shot after officers commanded him to drop the knife he was wielding. Wallace, knife in hand, clearly steps toward two officers aiming their guns at him. And that’s when they pulled the trigger.

As for the aftermath, @zerosum24 has been posting multiple videos and updates of this evening’s chaos on Philly’s streets:

This is an ongoing situation that Big League Politics will continue to monitor.

Postscript: Contrast these scenes with the scenes of three Trump rallies in Pennsylvania earlier.