Rioter Who Shot Disabled Veteran In the Head While Blocking Road FREED ON BAIL

A rioter who shot a disabled veteran in the head while attempting to block a road in Alamosa, Colorado, has been freed on bail after being charged with a litany of felony offenses in shooting.

James Marshall, 27, is being charged with second-degree attempted murder, first degree assault, reckless endangerment, and several other felony crimes for the shooting of Danny Pruitt, a 49-year old disabled veteran, in Alamosa. Video footage reveals Marshall present with a group of George Floyd protestors who attempt to block a road in the town. When Pruitt attempts to drive his truck slowly and cautiously through the formation of rioters, Marshall heinously withdraws a gun and shoots in Pruitt’s passenger car window.

Pruitt was located by authorities a mile down the road after fleeing the shooter. He’s currently fighting for his life in an area hospital on life support, and his family members have created a GoFundMe to help pay for the single father’s medical expenses.

In a remarkable twist, Marshall has been identified by authorities as a practicing defense attorney licensed by the Colorado bar since 2018.

A woman identifying herself as the cousin of Pruitt alluded to the shooter being freed on bail, only hours after committing a heinous shooting in what appears to be an act of political violence.

KRDO also reports that Marshall has been bailed out of the county jail system on a $60,000 bond, just hours after being caught on tape heinously shooting a man during a political protest.

The heinous shooting has been totally ignored by national mainstream media as of Tuesday night, being exclusively reported upon by local media. Big League Politics is the first national media organization to report on the brutal, senseless, shooting, and continues to monitor the situation for updates.

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