Rioters Vandalize US Embassy in Mexico

After violent protests over the killing of George Floyd, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico has been put on lockdown.

According to a notice from the embassy’s security office, rioters threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the embassy.

“They have become violent,” according to a notice that The Hill received.

“The embassy remained locked down. All personnel should avoid the area,” the notice added.

Mexican media described rioters as vandalizing the embassy, which is located close to a monument to Mexican independence.

On the previous night of June 4, the protests were mostly peaceful as protesters lit candles around signs criticizing racism and highlighting the victims of police brutality.

The dysfunction we see taking place throughout America is now being exported across the globe.

Americans in certain states and jurisdictions are fortunate enough to have access to guns to keep looters at bay. However, blue states and cities along with most of the world are not so lucky.

The social fabric of the U.S. is falling apart, and it will take bold leadership to restore some modicum of sanity.