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RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is Getting Ready to Stab President Trump in the Back to Keep Her Post

She has Romney DNA.



Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who was pushed into politics because of her uncle Mitt Romney, is quietly backing away from President Donald Trump as she attempts to keep her RNC post for another term.

McDaniel has received the endorsement of President Trump to stay at the helm of the RNC, and she has offered lip service to support the president’s push for electoral integrity and to count every legal vote. But as she faces a possible moderate challenger in the RNC chair race, McDaniel is privately making concessions that hurt President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Right now, the RNC and the president are in a tug of war over the immense treasure trove of voter data that was collected during the 2020 presidential campaign. Many RNC insiders want to horde the intelligence, which can be used to anoint an establishment-friendly heir apparent to replace Trump, such as former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley or Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas.

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Republican governors Brian Kemp of Georgia and Mike DeWine of Ohio have faced the ire of President Trump in recent days for acquiescing to the Democrat push to sweep all electoral irregularities under the rug. There are interests in the RNC that would reportedly like to protect these traitors from potential primary challenges when they are up for re-election in 2022.

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An RNC spokesman pretty much confirmed that McDaniel will continue business as usual and the RNC under her stewardship will do nothing to punish the Republican leaders who stood idly by while the electoral process was violated heinously by Democrat riggers.

“That policy to remain completely neutral in primaries will continue as long as she is chair,” RNC spokesman Mike Reed said.

Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, an establishment favorite who was rejected by voters in this year’s election due to lack of loyalty to President Trump, is being floated as an establishment challenger to McDaniel. Gardner’s possible candidacy has been another factor in McDaniel’s pivot toward the ‘Never Trump’ party establishment.

Big League Politics has reported on how McDaniel’s weak RNC leadership has hurt the Trump movement throughout the president’s first term, such as when she gave her uncle a pass for joining the impeachment witch hunt earlier this year:

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel has claimed to be a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump as well as her uncle Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) throughout the years, often straddling the line between the warring factions within her party.

“This President has stood for life. He stood for rule of law judges. He stood for tax cuts. He stood for deregulation, energy independence. These are Republican ideals,” McDaniel said earlier this week in favor of Trump.

“And he has made the RNC significantly stronger by supporting our party. And we will be stronger after him because of the investment he’s put in data and digital and the things to make us strong beyond his presidency,” she added.

McDaniel has steadfastly supported the President, and kept her distance from her uncle as he has emerged as the leading anti-Trump voice in the Republican Party. This arrangement has worked well for the most part, until the infamous announcement made by her uncle earlier today.

Romney announced that he would be officially joining the Democrat Party witch hunt against the President during a lachrymose screed on the Senate floor. Romney dubiously said that God told him that he needed to vote to convict President Trump due to an alleged quid pro quo he made with Ukraine.

McDaniel rushed to social media shortly after Romney’s announcement to wag her finger at her uncle over his betrayal of President Trump as she has been forced to do several times in the past.

However, it’s not merely enough to “disagree” with Romney at this point. The vile acts he has committed must be punished, and punished swiftly. McDaniel has a tremendous amount of power in her leadership role atop the RNC, which she could use to punish her uncle for his treasonous display.

One measure that the RNC could take is to formally censure this reviled individual who brings shame to the Republican Party. McDaniel could throw her weight behind such a measure in order to sternly rebuke her turncoat uncle. It is what has to be done in order to send a message to weak-kneed Republicans that their actions will have consequences.

The RNC last censured a Michigan committeeman five years ago for making naughty posts on social media that caught bad headlines. What Mitt Romney has done is a million times worse than that, and he has given ammunition to the enemies of America as they try to rip the country away from President Trump’s “America First” movement.

If McDaniel refuses to censure her uncle for his crimes against party and country, it will show that she can offer nothing more than lip service in defending President Trump from the pernicious enemies within. It will show that she does not have the courage to steer the ship in a Trump-dominated GOP that demands a bold fighter in a position of leadership.

McDaniel has been an albatross on the Trump movement since its inception. The RNC’s lack of preparation on election day allowed Democrats to tamper with the vote on a previously unforeseen scale. If President Trump cannot overturn the steal in the courts, the nation may be lost forever due to McDaniel’s futility.

When it’s all over, McDaniel’s political epitaph is likely to read: Once a Romney, always a Romney!


‘Let Them Be Free!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges Trump to Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange for Exposing ‘the Crimes of Barack Obama and the Deep State’

This is what real conservative leadership is all about.



Soon-to-be Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is joining a movement urging President Donald Trump to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for opposing deep state corruption.

Greene made the declaration with a Twitter post on Thanksgiving night:

Greene made the comment in reference to a renewed push from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) for President Trump to pardon Snowden and Assange.

“Since you’re giving pardons to people, please consider pardoning those who, at great personal sacrifice, exposed the deception and criminality of those in the deep state,” the iconoclastic progressive lawmaker wrote in a tweet.

“Brave whistleblowers exposing lies & illegal actions in our government must be protected,” Gabbard wrote in a Twitter post accompanying a video recording earlier this year. “Join me and urge Congress: Pass my bipartisan legislation (HRes1162, HRes1175, HR8452) calling for charges against @snowden & Assange to be dropped & to reform the Espionage Act.”

Big League Politics has reported extensively on Greene’s bold approach that completely rejects the conventional wisdom of the Washington D.C. swamp on a wide variety of issues, particularly foreign policy:

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tried to get sassy on Twitter in light of the recent drama regarding election regularities taking place across the nation.

Due to this, President Donald Trump has not conceded the election and is waiting for the courts to settle any kind of irregularities at polling locations in key swing states. This obviously has Democrats and their media allies fuming over Trump’s steadfast devotion for the rule of law and election integrity.

One of the most outspoken critics of Trump’s decision to not concede has been AOC. She tweeted on November 10, 2020, “I hope people realize that the same Republicans who are refusing to acknowledge the results of our elections also champion disastrous foreign policy claiming they’re ‘bringing democracy’ to other nations.”

AOC’s comment was met with immediate backlash after incoming Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene offered her two cents on the matter. The new congresswoman for Georgia’s 4th District tweeted “You voted for @JoeBiden who voted for the Iraq War, which cost America trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.”

… Greene was specifically calling out AOC for her hypocritical behavior of voting for a candidate that was one of the most seasoned proponents of foreign adventuring and a big booster of the defense industry. Certain officials from defense contractors such as Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes have stated that a Biden presidency would not entertain any form of defense cuts whatsoever. Biden is the consummate political insider and AOC’s support for him belies her marketing as an outsider.

Greene is showing how the Republican Party should be shifting with Trump at the helm. Greene’s rise represents a populist, anti-establishment GOP that rejects neocon usurpers like former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

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