Roger Stone To Trump: “DeSantis, He’s A Piece Of…”

Roger Stone To Trump

Is conservative infighting inevitable? A recently posted video by famous political operative Roger Stone showed him telling former President Trump to watch out for Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Stone posted a video this weekend of his words to Trump and their reunion at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on various media platforms.

The clip shows Trump spotting and greeting Stone, to which he replied “God bless you,” after the two embraced.

“Watch DeSantis,” Stone appeared to say before then adding, “He’s a piece of…,” just as the clip cuts off.

One reporter appeared to claim that Stone ultimately used the expletive “s***” to conclude the sentence.

Roger Stone To Trump

Stone has made further social media posts since the incident, seemingly suggesting that DeSantis is in some way disloyal or a traitor of some form in a post he made Sunday.

“I am a big believer in loyalty,” Stone wrote on Gab. “Ron DeSantis would not be Governor of Florida without the Republican primary endorsement of president Donald Trump nor would he be Governor without the extraordinary effort in the closing days of the election by President Trump to drag DeSantis across the finish line. While DeSantis has been a good governor I believe he should tell the former president that he will step aside if Trump decides to run in 2024. DeSantis has not done so I therefore I will not stop criticizing him for disloyalty.”

Such reports from Stone are likely fueling speculation that there is some type of feud between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the former president. Trump has denied the existence of such disputes, describing DeSantis as a “good guy” that is “doing a good job” just a couple of months ago. He went even further on the matter, stating that attempts by actors of the mainstream media to paint a narrative placing the two at odds are “totally fake news.”

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Roger Stone To Trump

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