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Roger Stone Vindicated From Fake News Reports That He Met With Julian Assange During Trump Campaign



Over the past few days, the mainstream media has exploded with stories claiming that longtime friend and ally of President Donald J. Trump dined with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in mid-2016.

The significance of the alleged dinner meeting is the media’s claim that Stone, at the very least, had foreknowledge of the trove of classified documents that Wikileaks subsequently made public, many of which were damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The media has also speculated that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller is investigating Stone for his alleged dinner with Assange as part of his wide ranging investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

The entire narrative is an attempt to tie Stone to Assange, and Assange to the Russians, which could potentially damage Trump in the ongoing collusion investigation.

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Bit it turns out that Stone has verifiable evidence that proves that the meeting never took place. The mainstream media has ignored all of it to forward their agenda.

Last night, Stone was a guest on Fox News @ Night with Shannon Beam where he told his side of the story, which vindicates him of claims made by the mainstream news.

“The important thing here is, I think, to understand that my passport, airline records, customs records, surveillance cameras at the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange has to be one of the most watched people in the world, all demonstrate that this meeting didn’t really happen,” Stone said.

Stone even offered the Wall Street Journal, who originally ran the story about his “trip” to London, the opportunity to see his passport. The paper declined.

“I also produced airline tickets and credit card receipts that show that I was in California during this period,” Stone said.

“This is a mainstream media mugging,” Stone said. “The Washington Post first unearthed this story. Sam [Nunberg] called late one Friday. I was trying to get him off the phone. He asked me what I was doing for the weekend. I said that I thought I would fly to London to have dinner with Julian Assange.”

The suggestion was a joke, according to Stone.

Sam Nunberg was a campaign advisor to Trump, who Stone describes as “neurotic.” Nunberg was eventually fired from the Trump campaign. Stone has always maintained that he was not serious about meeting with Assange, and never did.

“I later milked the joke in an email,” Stone said. “Sam sent me an email showing me Trump trailing Hillary by 15, kind of sticking it in my face because after he was fired he was very anti-Trump.”


In an August 2016 email exchange, Stone was asked about Assange’s proclaimed “October surprise,” with which the Wikileaks founder had been teasing the public. Stone claimed at that time to be in contact with Assange.

“I actually have communicated with Assange,” he reportedly said. I believe the next traunch of documents pertain to the Clinton Foundation, but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.”

Stone says that he in fact used a confirming source – a journalist who was in touch with Assange – but never spoke with Assange directly.

“I testified about all of this under oath for four and a half hours before the House Intelligence Committee,” Stone said. “I asked that the testimony be made public, but the insist that they will not release it.”

The journalist to whom Stone referred was later fired from the radio station where he worked as a result of Stone’s testimony.

Stone has been vindicated of any mainstream media libel regarding his alleged ties to Assange by physical evidence and under-oath testimony, but it seems that the political left – sworn enemies of anything or anyone Trump related – will continue to push their fake Russian collusion narrative.

Peter D'Abrosca is an investigative journalist from the state of Rhode Island. He is the Senior Reporter at Big League Politics. Follow him on Twitter by clicking the icon below.


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Tommy Robinson’s Son Demoralized After Being Separated From Parent



British citizen journalist Tommy Robinson is in jail facing possible murder by Muslim gangs while his son is at home demoralized in his absence. Robinson was jailed for filming on the street outside of a gang-rape trial, and he was recently moved to a prison with a much higher Muslim population.

Here is a passage from Tommy Robinson’s letter to supporters, which was posted to Patreon by Raheem Kassam. In this excerpt, Robinson quotes what his wife said to him about the status of their son:

“School rang me today though, before I went to work and said Spencer was really upset at school, to be honest he isn’t managing mate. Sam said to him ‘I’m doing a 5k run with my dad’, and Spencer said well I can’t do it with my dad and ran off crying. He cries himself to sleep. Sleeps with your pillow and ask me 50 times a day what day is dad coming home? I can’t even give him a rough date yet because you haven’t been give any! Just hope to keep telling him its not for long, nothing will change and he needs to be brave to make you proud. He said to me last night ‘I’m going to go and do something bad so I can be put in jail with dad at least then I will be with him’.”

It is a gut-wrenching series of events, Tommy Robinson has become a British national hero for the many people who believe rightly that the Crown is restricting freedom of speech and siding with the invading Muslim gangs over the native-born population of that once great nation.

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The Swamp

Loretta Lynch Exchanged Classified Information With Clinton Campaign



Former attorney general Loretta Lynch faces potential charges stemming from her interactions with the Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 election. Lynch exchanged classified information with Amanda Renteria, a senior staffer on the Clinton campaign. This could have violated laws pertaining to mishandling of classified information and also obstruction of justice.

Now here’s where it gets even more interesting. James Comey announced no charges against Hillary Clinton in his first announcement, supposedly because he saw a Russian intelligence document showing that Lynch was compromised due to her relationship with Renteria. Was the Russian document real or fake? Nobody seemed to know at the time, but it was enough to influence Comey’s thinking. Now, thanks to Horowitz, we know that Lynch almost certainly did assure Renteria that no charges would be filed against Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Post reported in 2017: “In the supposed email, Wasserman Schultz claimed Lynch had been in private communication with a senior Clinton campaign staffer named Amanda Renteria during the campaign. The document indicated Lynch had told Renteria that she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far, according to people familiar with it. Current and former officials have argued that the secret document gave Comey good reason to take the extraordinary step over the summer of announcing the findings of the Clinton investigation himself without Justice Department involvement. Comey had little choice, these people have said, because he feared that if Lynch announced no charges against Clinton, and then the secret document leaked, the legitimacy of the entire case would be questioned.”

But there’s more.

President Donald Trump knows that Bill Clinton offered Loretta Lynch the attorney general job in a Hillary administration while on the tarmac in their now famous meeting.

Former president Bill Clinton offered Loretta Lynch the Attorney General job in a Hillary Clinton administration while secretly meeting with Lynch on an airplane tarmac, according to documents reviewed by President Donald Trump.

President Trump discussed the information with top lawmaker Rep. Ron DeSantis, a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform committees. Big League Politics exclusively confirmed these facts with a U.S. Senate committee adviser.

This news comes on the heels of Lynch’s interview with TV’s Lester Holt, in which she continued to claim that she and Bill Clinton did not discuss anything nefarious and directly contradicted James Comey’s testimony about the meeting. At the time of the tarmac talk, Hillary Clinton was mired in the email-scandal investigations. Clinton and Lynch were caught on the tarmac by a local reporter. Lynch served as attorney general in the Barack Obama administration and wanted to keep her job.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under director James Comey carefully plotted logistics and security for President Bill Clinton’s meeting on an airplane tarmac with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the 2016 campaign.

The FBI then attempted to cover up the tarmac meeting by targeting a Bureau whistleblower. The FBI worked with its offices around the country to execute the plan.

Breaking Judicial Watch emails (READ THEM HERE) show an FBI plot to cover up Bill Clinton’s meeting with Lynch, which Lynch claimed was just about golf and grandchildren…

A knowledgeable FBI insider tells Big League Politics that it was bizarre and completely revealing that different security units, including apparent city police departments, were contacted about security detail for the trip before it happened…

But there’s more.

The National Security Agency (NSA) blocked the release of a purported tape of Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private airplane talk with a rare legal justification used to protect top national security secrets.

The NSA’s block of the release of this information — citing one of President Obama’s executive orders — undercuts Hillary Clinton’s claim that her husband and Lynch had a “purely social” conversation about grandkids and golf on June 27, 2016, two weeks before Lynch dropped the Department of Justice investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal…

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NEWT: DOJ Gave 97 Percent Of Their Donations To Hillary



Former House speaker Newt Gingrich points out a major glaring probable reason for the Department of Justice doing nothing to help President Donald Trump and instead running water for Hillary Clinton, who is still a free woman despite clear evidence that she committed numerous crimes.

Gingrich follows the money.

“If you have any illusions about the Justice Department’s objectivity, keep in mind that employees of this department gave 97 percent of their 2016 campaign donations to Hillary Clinton – while the department was supposedly investigating her for illegally using a private email server to send and receive classified information as secretary of state,” Gingrich writes.

“With each passing week, we are learning more about the extraordinary abuses of power designed to undermine President Trump and punish his supporters (a direct contrast to the treatment of Clinton and her staff). The aggressive abuse of power has led both Alan Dershowitz and former Clinton adviser Mark Penn to warn that limitless police power is a danger to all of us,” Newt opines for Fox News.

The numbers are accurate. The Hill reported in the last days of the election: “Trump received $8,756 from DOJ employees compared with $286,797 for Clinton. From IRS employees, Clinton received 94 percent of donations.”

Paging Rod Rosenstein.

We reported:

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian represented then-President Bill Clinton in a 1998-99 civil case in federal court.

Rod Rosenstein worked as a Whitewater prosecutor. In this role, he was in charge of the “FBI Travel Office” case, in which it was found that the Clinton White House illegally seized FBI files from White House travel office employees, including the Clintons’ travel director.

Rosenstein interrogated Hillary Clinton on January 14, 1998, and was seen as responsible for clearing her of potential charges in the case. By that time, Rosenstein had already been picked to work for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Maryland in the Clinton administration. When he applied to the Senate to become deputy attorney general, he falsely stated the dates he worked for Starr’s team, saying he ended his employment with Starr in 1997 (before his friendly 15-minute interrogation of Hillary Clinton).

Why did he falsify his resume to the Senate? More information is coming to light.

Rosenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian represented Bill Clinton in the civil case Hamburg v. Clinton filed by Wyoming candidate and political activist Al Hamburg.

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