Roll Call Posts Horrific 9/11-Themed Cartoon to Bash Trump

A Washington D.C. based website posted a tasteless cartoon today, making light of the tragic attack on the World Trade Centers in 2001 that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

The cartoon appeared on Roll Call, and depicts a plane with the word “Russia” written on it flying into voting booths that resemble the Twin Towers.

Roll Call, edited by Ed Timms, is not only pushing the still-unproven conspiracy theory that Russia affected the outcome of the 2016 elections, but is doing so in spite of the victims of the worst terror attack in American history. It is truly a pitiful display.

The title of the cartoon is “Never Forget,” further spitting in the faces of every American struck by tragedy seventeen years ago today.

EDITOR’S NOTE: To show you how gross the cartoon actually is, we’ve included it below. But be warned you might find this offensive.




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