Ron DeSantis Invites Convicted Stalker, Serial Harasser of Women to Party in Florida’s Governor’s Mansion

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently invited a convicted stalker and serial harasser of women to party at the Florida governor’s mansion.

Pictures posted on social media show failed California U.S. Congressional candidate Omar Navarro posing in the governor’s chair and hobnobbing with DeSantis and his wife at the Florida governor’s mansion.

They can be seen here:

Navarro is a perennial Republican candidate who has filed several times in unwinnable races against Congresswoman Maxine Waters. He also filed in 2021 to replace former Rep. Devin Nunes after he bowed out of Congress to serve as the CEO of Truth Social.

Navarro received probation in Sept. 2016 after pleading guilty to placing a tracking device on his ex-wife’s car without her consent. Years later, Navarro received a restraining order of five years from his ex-girlfriend for what Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Gia Bosley called Navarro’s pattern of “harassing and stalking” women.

DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, Navarro’s ex-girlfriend who filed the restraining order, stated to the court that she received “endless threats” from Navarro after ending their relationship. In December of 2019, Navarro was arrested again after being accused of violating that restraining order.

The Gateway Pundit released a scathing article written by independent journalist Jacob Engels in 2019 where Navarro’s alleged offenses against Tesoriero were detailed:

  • Navarro found out the address of Lorraine’s new residence in San Francisco and has been posting nude pictures along with her address, urging strangers to show up and harass her.
  • He also claimed to have given her address to local ANTIFA members and encouraged them to show up.
  • Throughout the last few days he has threatened her with “Destroying” her, getting her evicted from her new apartment, publishing more nude photos, and even stealing her cat and kidnapping her 89-year old grandmother, unless she agreed to see him.
  • He has even offered to pay her $25,000-plus if she will marry him.
  • He has told her many times that has paid, and will continue to pay, thousands of dollars to private detectives to follow her around places, and thousands of dollars to professional “trolls” to harass her, defame her and otherwise “make her life hell.” He brags about having hundreds of thousands of dollars in his personal bank accounts from campaign donor money that he wants to use on her.

Big League Politics has reached out to Governor DeSantis’ office for an explanation on his associations with Navarro, but we have yet to receive any response at the present time.

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