Ron DeSantis is Expected to Veto $35 Million Tampa Bay Rays Facility for the Franchise’s Politicization of Recent Mass Shootings

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will not allow sports franchises in the Sunshine State to politicize mass shootings without consequences. 

According to a report by Outkick, DeSantis intends to veto a $35 million bill allocated towards a facility in Pasco County that the Tampa Bay Rays will use for spring training. 

DeSantis is pursuing this action in response to the Rays’ politicization of mass shooting incidents in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas. 

Before a late May game against the New York Yankees, the Rays posted the following tweet:

The Rays currently hold a 30-21 record, and are ranked in 3rd place in the American League’s East division.

DeSantis’ move represents a marked shift within the Republican Party, which has traditionally kowtowed to big business and blindly pursued policies that would boost the gross domestic product. 

The Florida Governor is setting a new standard for Republicans to follow. No longer will pursuing the big red line be the principal focus of the party. Now, the populist-oriented GOP will promote sustainable economic growth with the caveat that businesses stay out of politics and not promote culturally leftist values. 

Part of the realignment taking place in American politics involves the discarding of long-held dogmas and the embrace of cold, hard realpolitik and the use of the friend/enemy distinction to punish actors — private or public — who subvert traditional society. 

The quicker the Republican Party fully embraces the populist mantle, the easier it will be to take back our country and restore order. 

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