Ron DeSantis’ Message to Thieves: “You Loot, We Shoot”

Ron DeSantis issued a firm warning to looters and other criminals looking for a short-term profit from the destruction brought about by Hurricane Idalia, telling them: “You loot, we shoot.”

At a press conference on August 30, 2023, the Florida governor reminded criminals that “people have a right to defend their property”.

DeSantis declared, “In this part of Florida you have a lot of advocates of proponents of the Second Amendment.”

In response to reports of criminals attempting to loot in Steinhatchee, a small town of 537 people, he commented: “I would say it’s probably here: you loot, we shoot,” continuing: “You never know what’s behind that door, if you go break into somebody’s house and you’re trying to loot, these are people that are going to be able to defend themselves and their families.”

He continued: “We are going to hold you accountable from a law enforcement perspective at a minimum, and it could even be worse than that depending on what’s behind that door.”

Post-Hurricane looting has been the norm in Florida for some time. Dozens of individuals were arrested for looting homes and businesses in regions impacted by Hurricane Ian which struck Florida in 2022 and killed 150 people.

For his faults as a presidential candidate, DeSantis has been a solid governor who understands where the Republican Party needs to go in order to remain a viable political entity. 

Obviously, the right to bear arms should always be defended. However, we shouldn’t ignore the law & order facet of it, which allows lawful individuals to instantly become first responders against depraved criminals who mean to inflict harm on individuals and their property. 

Good on DeSantis for upholding the right to bear arms here and demonstrating that Floridians are ready to use lethal force against criminals who dare to exploit this sensitive moment in the Sunshine State. 

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