Ron DeSantis Wants the US to Reconsider its “Proxy War” Against Russia

On February 20, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis publicly criticized the Biden regime’s “blank-check policy” of supply weapons and economic aid to Ukraine.  

DeSantis’ remarks came in the wake of Biden’s surprise visit to Kiev that same day. The Florida governor threw cold water on the idea that Russia poses a major military threat to Europe. He also described Russia’s military as “third-rate.”

“The fear of Russia going into NATO countries and all that and steamrolling, you know, that has not even come close to happening,” DeSantis declared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” DeSantis added, “I think they’ve shown themselves to be a third-rate military power.”

DeSantis sharply criticized Biden for his visit to Ukraine instead of focusing on more pressing matters such as the Southern border with Mexico. 

“He’s very concerned about those borders halfway around the world. He’s not done anything to secure our own border here at home,” DeSantis proclaimed. 

After having provided billions of dollars in military and economic aid, the Biden regime is finally beginning to get detractors on the Right. 

The Biden regime has “no clear strategic objective identified” as it supplies ungodly amounts of aid to Ukraine, DeSantis asserted.

“And I don’t think it’s in our interest to be getting into a proxy war with China, getting involved over things like the borderlands or over Crimea,” he added. DeSantis conceded that Russia is “hostile,” but China constitutes the bigger threat.

DeSantis’ views are gaining more prominence in Republican circles. Many are recognizing that China constitutes a larger threat than Russia, so they’ll want national security resources diverted to that region of the world. A more cynical view of DeSantis’ outlook is that due to his pro-Zionist leanings he will likely deescalate tensions with Russia and shift America’s geopolitical attention elsewhere — specifically Iran.  Under a hypothetical DeSantis presidency, one could see the US potentially taking punitive action against Iran — a non-nuclear power that can’t project power the way Russia and China can — and likely dial up the pressure on China. 

While DeSantis’s views are much more reasonable than those of the political mainstream, the Ron Paulian non-interventionist vision is the more preferable foreign policy course. 

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