RON’S RINOS: DeSantis Touts Michigan Presidential Endorsements From Election Fraud Deniers, Supporters of Transgender ‘Civil Rights’

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did a series of events in the state of Michigan on Thursday, he touted a list of presidential endorsements – even though he is not yet legally allowed to run for president – from some of the state’s most infamous RINOs.

DeSantis is endorsed by some of the most prominent GOP establishment leaders in the Michigan House and Senate, including a lawmaker who signed onto a report claiming no election fraud occurred in the 2020 presidential election and another two lawmakers who supported Democrat legislation giving “civil rights” to transgenders without any religious freedom amendments.

The full list of DeSantis presidential endorsements from Michigan Republican figures can be seen here:

DeSantis is endorsed by Michigan Sen. Lana Theis, a lawmaker who signed onto a report that denied election fraud in the 2020 presidential election and actually called for Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel to investigate attorneys and figures who challenged election fraud.

The 2021 report, signed off on by Theis, called for Nessel to investigate “those who have been utilizing misleading and false information…to raise money or publicity for their own ends.” The report was little more than a veiled hit piece against MAGA Republicans and personally called out Trump-endorsed Michigan Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno for coming to “illogical conclusions” regarding election fraud that were “demonstrably false and based on misleading information.”

“Citizens should demand reasonable updates and reforms to close real vulnerabilities and unlawful activities that caused much of the doubt and questionability to flourish and could, if unchecked, be responsible for serious and disastrous fraud or confusion in the future,” the report stated.

Theis released a statement lauding DeSantis as the man who she believes should be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

“America’s greatest days are still ahead of her if we as a nation are willing to stand together and bring a new generation of leadership to the helm. We need a leader who is unafraid, strong in conviction, and will never back down,” Theis said.

“That leader is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He is battle tested, has a record of success that grew Florida’s economy, and protected the rights of Florida families. He is the best person to beat Joe Biden in 2024. That is why I whole-heartedly endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for President of the United States,” she added.

Two other Republican state senators who endorsed DeSantis for President – Sens. Joe Bellino and Michael Webber – recently joined the Democrats to pass an expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to apply to all members of the LGBT movement, including transgenders and potentially pedophiles.

“For too long, LGBTQ+ Michiganders had been left out of our state’s civil rights protections. No longer. Because of this ruling, nobody can legally be fired from their job or evicted from their home because of who they love,” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said after she signed the measure into law.

Sens. Bellino and Webber voted to approve the legislation even after amendments were rejected to protect religious liberty and to explicitly make clear that pedophilia is not protected as a sexual orientation.

“According to research by the Michigan Catholic Conference, every state that has expanded its civil rights laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity has included religious protections. These states include California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington. Without my amendments, Michigan would be an extreme outlier even among our nation’s most liberal states. This is the wrong direction for Michigan,” Michigan Sen. Jim Runestad said after his amendment to add religious liberty was rejected.

Pro-groomer Michigan Rep. Noah Arbit angrily and forcefully expressed his opposition to an amendment to the Elliott-Larsen Act that would have explicitly banned pedophilia as a sexual orientation, paving the way for so-called “minor-attracted persons” to receive civil rights under the act as the LGBT movement rapidly approaches its endgame of total degeneracy:

Big League Politics has reported on how a tenured operative from the prestigious DeVos family of Michigan is leading one of the Super PACs that is fueling DeSantis’ shadow presidential candidacy:

The billion-dollar DeVos network is rallying around Florida Governor Ron DeSantis heading into the 2024 presidential race as various tentacles of the globalist establishment declare DeSantis to be their man.

A new dark money front group, And to the Republic, has been founded by DeVos operative Tori Sachs and has already hosted events across the country promoting DeSantis in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. An operative close to the organization told POLITICO that they were “proud to help host the events…featuring Governor Ron DeSantis that put a spotlight on those state policies that are working and those that are clearly not working.”

Sachs previously worked for prominent DeVos front groups operating within their home base of Michigan, such as the Michigan Freedom Fund and Michigan Rising Action. These fronts have served to incubate the anti-Trump movement within the state’s Republican Party, sowing dissent and discord among the grassroots, and adding to the fractured nature of the Party that resulted in drastic losses during the 2022 midterm elections…

The DeVos network has been behind the sabotage of the America First movement in Michigan, insiders claim, after the DeVos network heavily pressured their preferred candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon, to receive Trump’s endorsement last year.

Former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who turned her back on Trump and resigned from her cabinet position after Jan. 6, sent a hand-written solicitation to Trump last year in order to persuade him to endorse Tudor Dixon…

A letter co-signed by lawmakers and candidates endorsed by the Michigan Trump Republicans urged Trump not to trust Betsy DeVos and assured him that a devious plot was in the works.

“There is a war going on for the soul of the GOP in Michigan with Trump-endorsed candidates on one side and the establishment DeVos family on the other,” the letter stated.

“We strongly urge President Trump not to work with Betsy DeVos in Michigan,” the letter concluded.

Ultimately, the concerns of the pro-Trump grassroots would prove to be correct. Trump would go on to endorse Tudor Dixon, who would be immediately and predictably sabotaged in her general election campaign. The DeVos network and its billions of dollars mysteriously dried up after Dixon won the nomination, and the Republican candidate was severely underfunded against Whitmer. Despite her best efforts, Dixon would go on to lose against Whitmer in November along with other Trump-backed contenders at the top of the ticket. In the aftermath, the results were cast as a loss for Trump and the America First movement when it was anything but.

Insiders in the Michigan State Capitol believe that the DeVos influence is far more dangerous to the cause of America First than anything coming from the Democrats, and the DeVos’ sphere is happy to take Republican losses in order to gain control over the Michigan Republican Party moving forward.

“Last month, the DeVos’s recruited the Michigan RINO House Minority Leader Bryan Posthumus to send a letter begging DeSantis to stop Trumpism and return to the status quo,” the insider told Big League Politics. The letter, signed by Posthumus and a gang of anonymous RINO lawmakers, told DeSantis that they “stand ready and willing to help you win Michigan in 2024.”

“It is disgusting how the DeVos family works against the MAGA movement in the Republican Party of Michigan. Every day their network is in the Michigan House and Senate office buildings lobbying for Republicans to disavow Trump and try to prevent him from becoming President again in 2024,” the insider added.”

We will continue to outline the RINO networks that are coalescing around DeSantis as their presidential candidate to undermine the MAGA movement and close the door on America First within the Republican Party in the months to come.

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