Rudy Giuliani Will Testify Before Michigan House Oversight Committee on Electoral Irregularities

Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of President Trump, will be testifying before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Michigan state representative and House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall (R) released the following statement on Giuliani’s in-person testimony:

“Election security and transparency are top concerns for people I represent. I have been getting thousands of emails and calls from people regarding this election. Other legislators have also. People have questions and concerns about the election process, the way it was handled and how our future elections could be impacted,” said Hall. “Rumors and hearsay are everywhere and our committee is attempting to get to the bottom of all of it to deliver people answers they deserve.”

“We can go a long way to achieving this by going straight to the top. Mr. Giuliani believes there were many problems with how this election was conducted and has alleged that there was significant fraud in Michigan. I am glad we were able to find time to make this work with the President’s legal team. This is an opportunity for us to get definitive answers – in-person – about Mr. Giuliani’s claims and evidence, while we work to provide clarity and transparency to people who have taken issue with our state’s election system,” Hall added.

Representative Hall also noted that Giuliani had been asked to submit written testimony after “logistical issues” initially prevented him from testifying in-person. But it appears those issues have been ironed out.

Michigan’s House Oversight Committee is comprised of six Republicans and three Democrats.

Giuliani’s testimony is one to pay particular attention to. Big League Politics reporter Shane Trejo has been instrumental in exposing electoral irregularities and suspicious behavior in the state of Michigan. He has discussed what he has seen and heard with Michelle Malkin and One American News Network (OANN), among others:

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