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RUSH: Biden Scandal Is Growing, Splitting The Democrat Ranks



Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that the Joe Biden sexual misconduct scandals are only growing and splitting the Democrat party.

Rush focused on the hypocrisy evident in the Democrats’ fake narratives on Brett Kavanaugh and their covering up for Justin Fairfax, who is accused of sexual assault by two women but remains in the Virginia lieutenant governor’s office.

“Now, this Biden business is just continuing to mushroom, and we’re seeing the bifurcation of the Democrat Party. You’ve got part of the party that’s, “Hey, this is just Joe, and he’s been nuzzling women his whole life and he’s been groping ’em but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just Joe. Nobody was bothered by it,” Limbaugh said.

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“Then you’ve got the other half who owe their allegiance to the #MeToo movement and they think there’s a lot of hypocrisy going here. Just take a look and compare the way every one of these Democrats practically had a heart attack during the Kavanaugh episode. “The woman must be believed. We must believe the women,'” Limbaugh stated.

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“I believe you, Blasey Ford,” they all said on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Kavanaugh immediately became a gang rape organizer. He became somebody that drugged and gave women booze in order to facilitate the gang rapes at bars and all of this stuff that was never true that was alleged by people who could not be confirmed as having actually said it. But every Democrat was out there demanding that Kavanaugh not only not get the gig on the Supreme Court. but be kicked off the D.C. appellate court where he was allegedly working because he’s a sexual harasser. He’s a reprobate,” Limbaugh said.

“Now here comes Joe Biden, and there is video evidence of what the guy does, and there are even some women who are describing how uncomfortable it made them, and they were afraid to say anything because he was such a powerful guy in the Democrat Party. And now you’ve got over half of the Democrat Party, “It’s just Joe. There’s no reason to get upset here,” Limbaugh said.

“I mean, it’s an example of how hypocrisy never sticks to ’em. They can all unify and zero in on literally destroying the life and the career and the family of someone like Brett Kavanaugh when there is no evidence of any kind that he did anything that was alleged.”

Rush Limbaugh Weighs In On The Virginia Political Crisis

“And the New York Times, of all places, their story, the headline: “‘It Just Went Poof’: The Strange Aftermath of Virginia’s Cascade of Political Scandals — In the space of a week in early February, the public was stunned by revelations about each of the three highest statewide elected officials, all Democrats: the racist photo in the governor’s yearbook; accusations of sexual assault against the lieutenant governor; and the attorney general’s appearance in blackface at a party in college.”

You notice how they leave out the fact that the governor came out in favor of infanticide, making the baby comfortable after it was mistakenly born. Make that little baby comfortable and then we whack it. That doesn’t even get a mention in this story. Just this blackface business.

Protesters and news crews swarmed the Statehouse. Calls for resignations came from fellow Virginia Democrats, Republicans and even 2020 presidential candidates. And then? ‘It just went poof,’ said Natalie Draper, a librarian sitting in the back of a coffeehouse last week in Richmond. ‘It’s like it never happened.’”

So the New York Times is doing a story on how they and other Drive-By Media outlets helped the story disappear. So what’s going on? Why is the New York Times bringing this back up? Why isn’t the New York Times continuing to ignore the Justin Fairfax story like everybody else in the Democrat Drive-By Media is doing,” Rush stated.



Mara Elvira Salazar is No Friend of America First Nationalism

Republican leaders would be wise to ignore all of her political advice.



If there’s one Republican leader that young activists should never listen to, it’s Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. 

Salazar, who is a Cuban American, has been an outspoken advocate of loosening U.S. immigration laws. In fact, she even confronted known immigration hawk and key Trump adviser Stephen Miller at a Republican Study Committee weekly lunch on February 24, 2021. She specifically criticized Trump’s immigration message and demanded that the GOP be more inclusive in its outreach.

“I told him [Miller] that the GOP needs to attract the browns,” stated Salazar. “We, for the last 30 years since Ronald Reagan, have not sent the right message to the browns,” she continued. “Reagan was the last guy who gave a path to citizenship to 3 million people … 35 years ago. It’s time for us to do the same thing that Reagan did.”

Salazar doubled down on her pro-immigration message when she went on Larry Kudlow’s show on March 2 and declared that former President Donald Trump would have done better with Hispanics by advocating for looser immigration. Journalist Ryan Girdusky noted how some of Trump’s advisers were already pushing for amnesty lite policies:

Girdusky added that Salazar was rather unhinged in her criticism of Miller’s vision for the GOP:

Salazar made a lot of noise about the Hispanic vote, despite ignoring how Trump improved his Hispanic numbers between 2016 and his re-election bid in 2020 from 28% to 32%. And he did so without much Hispandering or campaigning on passing amnesty. 

The unsavory fact that the GOP consultant class and the likes of Salazar refuse to acknowledge is that the Black Lives Matter unrest alone likely pushed significant segments of the Hispanic population into the Democrats’ arms. BLM radicalism alienated Americans of all backgrounds., but Hispanics were not having any of this kind of ruckus. Even Hispanic Democrats, of all groups, largely supported strong military action during the riots.

In reality, Hispanic support for Trump is largely based on his bluster and political bluntness, which many minority groups find comfort in. 

However, Republicans like Salazar gets it all wrong by thinking that expanding immigration both legal and illegal is a key to the Republican Party success. The Republican Party will have to concede that they can make gains with Hispanics at the margins but they cannot expect to win the majority of the Hispanic vote due to Hispanics’ propensity to support many causes ranging from gun control to more government involvement in healthcare. Data from the Pew Research Center demonstrates these beliefs among Hispanics. Nevertheless, there are some avenues for outreach with this demographic  but they must be done right. 

The key for Republican success is the white working class voters, which played a crucial role in putting Trump over the top in the Midwest back in 2016. These voters are not the most reliable in terms of turnout, but they comprise a vast segment of the American electorate. Any candidate who can activate them could potentially build a hegemonic electoral coalition for years to come. The goal for a sane Republican campaign is to maximize turnout and support among the WWC. 

Such inroads with WWC voters are more important than meeting a diversity quota the likes of Salazar and naive Republican strategists would like the party to pursue. Any nationalist campaign worth its salt would be promoting the following: Infrastructure projects targeting the Midwest, the restriction of both illegal and legal immigration, and re-shoring programs to bring jobs back. 

On the other hand, following Salazar’s program is the way that the GOP will become irrelevant and alienate many WWC voters who are already on the fence with regards to the Republican Party. These voters are not going to gravitate towards Republicans just because of the “R” next to their name. They still must be catered to and pushing for amnesty is one way to turn working class voters off.

Under Salazar’s watch, the GOP will simply be going back to the politically correct ways of the Bush administration. To tap into the sleeping giants that is the WWC, Republican leaders should ignore everything Salazar has to say and get fully behind nationalist policies such as immigration restriction, infrastructure development, and re-shoring. 


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