RUSH: MS-13 Member Busted With Two Kilos Of Meth

A member of the MS-13 criminal organization and two other people were arrested in Gaston County, North Carolina lording over two kilograms of meth worth about $200,000.

Rush Limbaugh highlighted the arrest of reported MS-13 member Cristian Cabrera-Rivas, who has been deported on multiple occasions. 

The other two people arrested with the gangster were also illegal immigrants.

This is yet another example of illegal alien crime that is sweeping into all corners of the United States due to America’s essentially open border. President Donald Trump continues to fight for the Wall — and is likely to declare a national emergency to build it — while Democrats basically abandon any effort to explain their advocacy for open borders, which is a goal of progressive check-writer George Soros.

We reported:

Gustavo Perez Arriaga, the suspected killer of California police officer Ronil Singh, was using two fake Social Security numbers in the United States. Taxpayers financed a public defender in his 2008 DUI case in Stanislaus County according to sources close to law enforcement.

ICE had no previous contact with the suspect, which Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson blamed on sanctuary laws.

Arriaga was using the following Social Security numbers, according to available information: 537-89-0142 and also 667-28-2314.

Records show that “Gustavo Perez,” a name Arriaga used when convenient, retained a public defender when he faced three misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence and driving without a license. He was sentenced to probation on September 11, 2008. Thus, taxpayers funded the man’s criminal defense in that case. Stanislaus County records only show one DUI case for Perez in that county, though law enforcement said that he has been twice arrested on DUI charges.

Arriaga was in the United States illegally when he allegedly shot and killed Corporal Singh at a traffic stop.

Perez 2008 DUI docket Stanislaus

Stanislaus County, California Sheriff Adam Christianson announced the arrest of the suspected illegal immigrant killer of Ronil Singh, following a manhunt for the suspect.

Suspect Gustavo Perez Arriaga was taken into custody Friday after allegedly shooting and killing Newman Police Department Corporal Singh on Wednesday.

“I want justice for the Singh family,” Sheriff Christianson said, vowing that “We were never more than a step behind this guy.”

“I don’t have any information yet on prior deportations, I simply want to focus on the fact that this is a criminal illegal alien with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to ICE. We were prohibited, law enforcement was prohibited, because of sanctuary laws and that led to the encounter with Officer Singh. I’m suggesting that the outcome could have been different if law enforcement wasn’t restricted, prohibited, or had their hands tied because of political interference.”

“We have to have a conversation about restrictive legislation that puts our community at risk,” Christianson also said.

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