Rush: The Shutdown Was A Win, The American People Learned About The Border Crisis

Rush Limbaugh said that President Donald Trump made the smart political move with his record-setting government shutdown for border wall funding.

“He didn’t get hurt by that shutdown,” Rush Limbaugh said, explaining that the media was forced to explain the immigration issue every day to the American people. It was the only way to get the attention of the media.

“The media doesn’t tell them the Republican side, or the President Trump side of things.”

“Shutting down the government was actually a political benefit for the President,” Limbaugh said.

“Any time the American people can learn things that the media doesn’t tell them, it’s a Win-Win.”

“They find out that one side wants essentially open borders…They got a chance to learn the Truth. I think it was a deft maneuver by the President.”


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