Russia and Iran Plot to Undermine the United States Dollar

According to a report by the Jerusalem Post, Russian and Iranian officials met on Sunday April 9, 2023 to discuss ways in which they would undermine the US dollar. Russian Presidential Aide Igor Levitin met with secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Council Ali Shamkani to discuss ways to skirt Western sanctions.

At this meeting, Shamkhani voiced his satisfaction with the degree of economic cooperation between Russia and Iran, noting that “the path that started to reduce the influence of the dollar in regional and international economic exchanges.”

He added that these plans, “will limit the dominance of the West over the world economy to the minimum.”

The emissaries also talked about the ongoing joint project, the North-South Transport Corridor, which Shamkhani described as playing a “decisive role in changing the geometry of goods transit in the region.”

The North-South Transport Corridor (NSC) is a transport network for moving freight between Azerbaijan, Iran,  Russia, and other countries across Asia and Europe.

The transport corridor has the goal of creating new networks to circumvent the US and the West as sanctions tighten on Iran. Iran has provided drones to Russia for its war in Ukraine, while Iran, in return, desires more Russian aid for its defense industry.  

Levitin expressed Russia’s readiness to carry out investments in Iran’s oil, petrochemical, and steel industries.

Russia and Iran’s alliance is as strong as ever. Given the two countries’ fraught geopolitical history -— both in Russia’s imperial and Soviet historical phases — such an alliance would almost seem unthinkable. But this is geopolitics after all where long-standing rivals become strange bedfellows time and time again.

As the US continues its hostilities against both Iran and Russia, this partnership will only grow strong over time. Those are the realities of the new multipolar order. 

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