Russia Argues NATO Additions of Finland and Sweden Will Hasten Militarization of the Arctic

At the end of November, Russia’s foreign ministry declared that Finland and Sweden becoming members of NATO could potentially fast-track the militarization of the Arctic region.

If these two Nordic countries were to join the Western military alliance, the Arctic Council — an intergovernmental organization that fosters cooperation in the Arctic region — would be significantly impacted. Russian foreign ministry Maria Zakharova  noted this by bringing up how the addition of Finland and Sweden to NATO would make Russia the only non-NATO member of the organization.

“It cannot be ignored that once these countries join the alliance, all member states of the Arctic Council apart from Russia will be members of the North Atlantic bloc,” she stated.

“This could lead to increased militarization of the Arctic region but in turn, it would mean a significant increase in tensions over high latitude security risks.”

In addition, Zakharova called attention to how the Arctic Council doesn’t touch on military security matters and that it should not be connected to Finland’s and Sweden’s accession to the military alliance.

The Arctic is one area that geopolitical tinkerers in the US Deep State have been obsessing over. Several security experts believe this region potentially has vast gas reserves that Russia could tap into. For that reason, NATO is doing all it can to find ways to contain Russia in the Arctic.

As long as there is a foreign uniparty consensus in DC and the foreign policy think tank complex is in business, there will always be the threat of conflict on the horizon.

For that reason, it’s incumbent upon the America First movement to depose this parasitic elite and usher in a new foreign policy paradigm that’s predicated on realism and restraint.

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