Russia Plans on Reducing Gas Production by 10% in 2022

During last week’s Russian Energy Week forum, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said to reporters that Russia can slash natural gas production by roughly 10% in 2022.

“[Gas production] will be lower than last year. I will not indicate the exact figure but if export is as now, then the reduction can be up to 10% overall. Approximately. Not ‘by’ but up to [10%],” Noavak stated according to a report by TASS.

Per Russian statistical agency data, Russia cut natural gas production by 10.4% from January to August 2022. 

With the Russo-Ukrainian conflict still underway, the West is facing a massive energy crisis due to its sanctions war against Russia, its self-destructive green energy prices, and broader supply chain shocks. 

If Russia starts using its geoeconomic levers by significantly cutting its energy production and halting energy trade with the West, it could create a massive energy crisis like never before. This entire energy doomsday scenario could have been prevented if the United States and its European satrapies exercised restraint on foreign affairs — halting NATO expansion and trying to incorporate Ukraine into the broader West — and actually focused on shoring up domestic energy production by deregulating their energy industries. Europe’s dependence on Russian oil is a clearly self-inflicted wound.

What we’re witnessing unfold before our eyes at the moment is the product of bad domestic and foreign policies. Now it’s beginning to blow up in the West’s face as many people will have to put up with soaring energy costs and a broader reduction in their living standards. Westerners can blame their political classes for this great mess. 

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