Russian Ambassador Claims US is Blackmailing India Into Jumping on Anti-Russia Bandwagon

Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov claimed that since Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine the United States and its Western satrapies have been blackmailing India and threatening to impose secondary sanctions on it to force it to join the anti-Russia campaign.  

On February 13, 2023, Alipov said the following: 

Since the very beginning of the special military operation, the US-led West has been exerting unprecedented pressure on India seeking to make it join the anti-Russian campaign by means of blatant blackmail and threats of secondary sanctions. In spite of this, the Indians have been sticking to a balanced position, demonstrating their commitment to partner relations with Russia The growing dynamics of bilateral trade and economic cooperation can be seen as India’s response to this pressure.

Per Alipov, the US is explicitly about harming Russo-Indian relations. “However, India, as an emerging global power and one of the leaders of the developing world, rejects foreign coercion, values its independence and ‘strategic autonomy.’ It is guided by its national interests, especially amid the food and energy crises,” he emphasized.

“In its long-term plans, [India] acknowledges Russia’s important position as a guardian of the global balance of power and a country which shares the same views on equal and fair multipolarity on the basis of the United Nations’ central role and international law,” the Russian diplomat continued.

Russia and India have had strong relations since the Cold War. As a solid strategic partner of Russia, India routinely buys billions of weapons from Russia. In the present, India is Russia’s largest buyer of weapons. From 2018 to 2021, India spent $12.4 billion on weapons systems, with Russian imports making up $5.5 billion of the imports.

India is one of the more independent-minded countries on the geopolitical stage. It’s a nuclear power with its own agenda, so it’s not going to fully kowtow to the West. Given how fanatic the West is, the more India pursues an independent path, the more likely it could face a color revolution and other forms of subversion from the Collective West.

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