Russian Defense Minister Blames US Deep State for Fomenting Tensions Abroad

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declared on October 30, 2023 that the United States is stoking geopolitical tensions to maintain its “hegemony” and warned about the increasing risk of confrontation between the two nuclear-armed nations.

At a defense forum in Beijing, Shoigu also noted that the US and its Asia-Pacific allies are fomenting instability in the region.

“To maintain its geopolitical and strategic dominance, the United States is deliberately undermining the basis of international security and strategic stability,” Shoigu declared at the Xiangshan Forum, China’s largest annual event dealing with military diplomacy.

Shoigu noted that the US and its Western allies are provoking tensions with Russia through NATO’s “eastward expansion” — a process that has been accelerating since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“Western countries aim to escalate the conflict with Russia and increase the risk of major country confrontation,” he proclaimed. “This will lead to serious consequences.”

With respect to Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, Shoigu stated that Russian authorities were open to negotiations “if conditions are right.”

It’s time to recognize that the US government is a chaos agent abroad. It’s always looking for trouble and trying to create unrest through sanctions, covert operations, direct military interventions, and/or financing proxy wars.

Eventually the US will either go bankrupt and/or be completely geopolitically overstretched to the point it will be on the receiving end of a nasty military defeat on the world stage.

The US could avoid such humiliation if it pursues an America First foreign policy of realism and restraint.

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