Russian Diplomat Accuses West of Using Hackers to Launch Cyberattacks Against Russia

During a cybersecurity meeting at the United Nations, Russian representative Irina Tyazhlova has accused countries of the Collective West of recruiting hackers to launch attacks against Russia. 

“We believe the goal of attempts by the US and its allies to hype up the issue of ‘Russian hackers’ and ‘Russian cyberthreat’ is no longer a secret to anyone. The only goal is to conceal their own destructive activities in cyberspace,” the diplomat stated. “In fact, NATO countries openly seek to militarize cyberspace, actively increasing their offensive capabilities and improving ways to conduct cyberattacks. There is ample documentary evidence of this, including the public revelations of high-ranking officials’ public revelations of acts of cyber sabotage against Russia,” Tyazhlova continued.

“After the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Western nations launched a full-fledged campaign against Russia, seeking to test the strength of our economy, financial and energy sectors and crucial industries,” the diplomat highlighted.

“Russia’s information facilities keep facing massive cyberattacks, which have increased tenfold since the launch of the special operation,” the diplomat went on to say. “The Western bloc actively recruits mercenary hackers and uses the information and communication potential of its allies and the private companies that it controls, deliberately involving users from all over the world into these criminal activities,” Tyazhlova emphasized.

According to her, “this scenario includes Ukraine as a testing ground.” “The West allocates considerable funds, trains personnel and provides technical assistance in increasing the Kiev regime’s offensive cyber potential,” Tyazhlova noted. “No wonder that they involved Kiev in the activities of the Tallinn-based NATO cyber defense center,” she continued.

Cyberwarfare is a fixture of 21st century warfare. It’s one way states can conduct war without much escalation. Nevertheless, it still represents a hostile action that will be met with a firm response. So when the US engages in such activity, it’s clearly acting in a belligerent manner whether it’s using a cyberattack against Iran or Russia. 

For once, can US policymakers recognize that other great powers have controversial geopolitical interests and stop trying to get tangled up in conflicts thousands of miles away from its border? This might be too much to ask for from these foreign policy fanatics. 

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