Russian Diplomat Accuses West & Ukraine of Pressuring Russian Allies Into Sending Weapons to Ukraine

On July 7, 2023,  Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared that the Collective West and Ukraine are constantly pressuring Russia’s allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), BRICS, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to send weapons to Ukraine. 

“In addition to the partner and satellite states of NATO and EU members, such as Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan and some others, which are enthusiastically providing the Kiev regime of [Ukrainian President] Vladimir Zelensky with such hardware and munitions either willingly or under overt or covert compulsion, even Russia’s allies and partners in the CSTO, CIS, SCO and BRICS come under pressure,” Zakharova emphasized.

Per the diplomat, the Russian Foreign Ministry recognizes that there has been relentless, unprecedented pressure placed by the “Western handlers” of the Zelensky regime and his criminal “team” on countries that previously acquired arms and munitions for their own national defense needs.

“The most disgusting techniques of intimidation and blackmail are being used, up to threats of physical violence, seizure or confiscation of property and bank assets in the West as well as a wide range of means of pressure against family members and close relatives of various statesmen living there,” the diplomat continued. “In other words, all imaginable and unimaginable techniques, typical of the Middle Ages with its Inquisition and barbaric colonial conquests, are being used.”

Zakharova called attention to how Russian authorities were still closely monitoring the situation with respect to the deliveries of any weapons, munitions, and special equipment to the Ukrainian regime.

“We thank those countries that are able to withstand massive pressure in this regard on the part of the collective West,” she added. “We urge our allies, partners and like-minded associates to keep sticking to their principled stance in such matters and not to succumb to assurances and promises of compensation, dividends, and all sorts of benefits and privileges.”

It’s an open secret that the Collective West wants the entire planet to oppose Russia. However, most countries know better. While they might not be direct Russian allies, they recognize the value of neutrality in this conflict. Moreover, they understand how the US and its satrapies in NATO are total chaos agents on the world stage. 

For that reason, they’re being pressured by the West and Ukraine. However, they’re ultimately not biting as they see little point getting into a Slav-on-Slav conflict thousands of miles away.

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