Russian Diplomat: Collective West Wants to Prolong Conflict in Ukraine

On April 10, 2023, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said that the Collective West is interested in prolonging the crisis in Ukraine as opposed to ending it. 

“The issue of arms supplies to Kiev is taking on a strategic dimension, since the range of military products is permanently expanding. In other words, in this particular case some states are not merely violating their commitments but recognize no reasonable limits, despite the extremely serious risks of escalation of the crisis in Ukraine,” Nebenzya said during a meeting of the UN Security Council on risks originating from violations of agreements dealing with the supplies of military products.

“However, the West is not interested in ending the crisis in Ukraine. It is interested in dragging it out and says so without remorse,” the Russian diplomat emphasized.

The whole goal of the Collective West here is to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, while sanctioning Russia to the last European with 10 euros in their pocket. Ukraine is a mere geopolitical chess piece in this conflict that functions as a de facto sacrificial lamb against Russia.

The degradation of Russia’s military capacity and its eventual territorial disintegration is the Collective West’s endgame here. 

For the sake of maintaining peace and stability, the West must cease its proxy war against Russia and push for a negotiated settlement to this conflict. 

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