Russian Diplomat Says Russia Will Not Allow NATO to Change Global Balance of Power

On March 21, 2023, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov announced that Russia will not allow NATO to change the global balance of power.

 “NATO is seeking to change the balance of power for its own benefit, claiming global hegemony. We will not permit it to do so,” Ryabkov said during an interview on Russia’s Channel One.

“This is the rationale for strengthening our cooperation with China, including in the area of security,” he emphasized. “And, this is the rationale for our decision to suspend the New START Treaty.”

Per the Russian diplomat, it’s logical that Russia and the US should have their own set of geopolitical priorities. “Should anyone in the West be willing to come to an understanding, then we would be seeking to balance these interests,” Ryabkov stated. “But we see nothing of the kind. We see [only] attempts to impose unilateral approaches on us, on China, and on all others.”

The concept of balance of powers seems quaint in the universalist era. It was the way geopolitics used to be conducted throughout the 19th century well into the early 20th century. Unfortunately, this has changed over the last century after the US has embraced a more universalist foreign policy mindset. As a result, there is no concern for geopolitical equilibrium or stability among America’s foreign policy decision-makers.

Such a mindset will lead to an international relations disaster if DC doesn’t change its foreign policy ways. And that type of disaster could be nuclear in nature — a lose-lose scenario for the entire globe.

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