Russian Diplomat: War in Ukraine Will End When US Ends Its Proxy War Against Russia

On February 7, 2023, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya stated that military activity in Ukraine will end once the Collective West stops its proxy war against Russia. 

“All of us hope for peace. When those who are backing this conflict stop their proxy war against us by using poor Ukrainians who are dying for them, when they take a realistic position about our concerns we have clearly outlined from the very first day, I think the prospect for peace will become closer,” the diplomat stated. He noted that the West appears reluctant to cooperate.

The cold hard truth is that the West is playing a bellicose role in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that does nothing to peacefully end it. In fact, every round of military aid that’s sent only adds further fuel to the fire and makes the probability of a direct conflict between NATO and Russia much higher.  

This is no geopolitical game here. Russia is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, or Yemen. It’s a nuclear power with the willingness to project devastating force in its own backyard. If the interventionist crowd doesn’t get this, we are certainly heading towards a hot conflict with a nuclear power — a nightmare scenario of colossal proportions

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