Russian Elected Official Believes Republican-Controlled House Could Cool Down the Russo-Ukrainian conflict 

On January 7, 2023, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky declared that the election of California Congressman Kevin McCarthy as the speaker of the United States House of Representatives gives Republicans the chance to bring the Russo-Ukrainian conflict not for the purpose of attaining peace but to “score political points.”

“On the 15th attempt, a successful one this time, Republican Kevin McCarthy secured the third highest-ranking office in the country. For the Republicans who now have the majority in the House of Representatives and their ‘own’ speaker this is a good opportunity to influence the end of the Ukrainian, or rather, now a much larger conflict, if not for the sake of peace as such but in order to score political points,”Slutsky wrote on his Telegram channel.

In his view, Republicans currently have a chance to “block the uncontrolled cash flow” that’s propping up the Ukrainian government. “Such an audit may be an eye-opener for those who vote to support the Kiev junta which is mired in corruption and intends to continue aggression,” he continued. 

Kevin McCarthy, was elected as speaker of the House after 15 votes which finally ended on January 7. While Slutsky’s points are interesting, there’s reason to believe that he may be engaging in wishful thinking with regards to Republicans’ willingness to stop military aid to Ukraine. McCarthy himself initially supported aid to Ukraine, especially with regards to sending weapons systems there. 

The GOP leadership cadre is still wedded to foreign policy universalism and sees the US government as a force that can do no wrong on the world stage. It’s really the America First wing of the GOP made up of Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene — among others — that supports a restrained foreign policy that advances American interests. Ultimately, it will be pressure from the growing America First base of the party that will compel McCarthy to change his establishment ways. Republican leaders will simply not change their views on these issues on their own volition. 


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