Russian Elected Official Says US Government Bears Culpability for Victims of Cluster Bombs It’s Supplying to Ukraine

On July 7, 2023, Russian politician Konstantin Kosachev declared that the United States government’s move to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs makes it culpable for future casualties. 

“The US has essentially done this: a) acknowledged Kiev’s inability to achieve anything without using the most-condemned weapons, b) reiterated its readiness to kill civilians to continue military operations at any cost, c) assumed full responsibility for all future victims of these monstrous weapons,” the Russian lawmaker declared on Telegram.

“To be honest, it is no longer of any interest what the so-called civilized community will think about this. That is, a herd of accomplices of all the past crimes of the West, who are frightened by an imminent collapse of the unipolar world,” Kosachev added.

The fact that the Collective West is pouring billions of economic and military aid demonstrates that it’s a clear co-belligerent in this conflict. At some point, Russia may decide to start targeting Western assets and agents operating in Ukraine. There’s only so much intervention the West can get away with until Russia decides to lash out. 

More importantly, the supply of military aid to Ukraine will not change the final outcome of this conflict. The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is a classic war of attrition. In other words, the larger, more resource rich Russian state can bring much more manpower and firepower into the equation. Should the US continue dialing up the pressure, Russia may be forced to take more maximalist, expansionist measures that will likely result in the thorough dismemberment of the Ukrainian state. 

To avoid further tragedy, the US and its Western allies must do everything possible to halt aid to Ukraine and start moving towards a negotiated peace settlement in Ukraine.

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