Russian Embassy in United States Says Sanctions are Unable to Change Russia’s Foreign Policy

Earlier this month, the Russian embassy in Washington said sanctions will have no impact on Russia’s sovereign foreign policy. 

“The latest surge of Washington’s anti-Russian activity is duly noticed. Apparently, the administration still does not realize that restrictions cannot influence our country’s sovereign foreign policy,” the statement outlined.

“It is obvious that Washington strategists strive to maintain a toxic atmosphere around Russian businesses. In particular, they declare their readiness to punish foreigners who continue normal commercial cooperation with our entrepreneurs. Surely, such attempts by the United States to apply extraterritorial features to its illegitimate measures cannot suit other nations,” the embassy noted.

“Diktat and blackmail on the part of the United States, attempted with a clear intention to decide who and in what manner can interact with each other, only lead to reduced confidence in the US jurisdiction. At the same time, they accelerate the dangerous fragmentation of the world economy,” the statement continued.

On November 14, 2022, the US authorities rolled out sanctions against “a transnational network procuring technology that supports the Russian military-industrial complex” and “a global network of financial facilitators, enablers, and others associated with two key Kremlin-linked elites.” The sanctions singled out Russia’s Milandr microelectronics company and three companies from Armenia, Taiwan and Switzerland connected to it. The wife, daughters, son, and nephew of Russian senator Suleiman Kerimov, his associated companies and Switzerland’s Chlodwig and Adorabella companies connected to Russian businessman Andrey Guryev were also sanctioned.

Sanctions have been one of the most blatant failures of US foreign policy in the past 50 years. Countries like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria have all been sanctioned to be oblivion by the US government. Despite these draconian measures, these regimes are still intact. 

Russia, which is a nuclear power with a large economy, will not be deterred by such measures. In fact, sanctions will likely embolden Russia and compel it to pursue more maximalist aims during its military conflict with Ukraine. 

Unfortunately, the present ruling class in DC will continue pursuing sanctions and dumping military aid into Ukraine — all measures that will enrage Russia and continue the suffering in Ukraine. 

If US foreign policymakers were smart, they would abandon their misguided sanctions policies.

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