Russian Foreign Minister Says War Between Russia and West is No Longer “Hybrid” 

On January 23, 2023, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is no longer a “hybrid” war. It is now a real war between the Collective West and Russia.

“When we talk about what is going on in Ukraine, we are talking about the fact that this is no longer a hybrid war, but a real one, the West has been preparing for a long time against Russia, trying to destroy everything Russian: from language to culture, which has been in Ukraine for centuries, and forbidding people to speak their native language,” he said during a press conference after talks with South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor.

“In Ukraine, this is all common practice. Both the former president [of Ukraine, Pyotr] Poroshenko and the current one [Vladimir] Zelensky, who were elected under the slogan of establishing peace, immediately after being elected turned into war presidents, Russophobe presidents,” Lavrov stated. 

Lavrov called attention to how the Ukrainian government adopted laws that ban education in the Russian language and media in Russian language. Moreover, Lavrov expressed his dismay with Ukrainian laws that ban the use of the Russian language in everyday activities.

“Any cultural contacts related to the Russian language are prohibited. And this is all supported by the West. Just like the West supports the regular marches of neo-Nazis with swastikas, with symbols of division which were banned by the Nuremberg Tribunal, recognized as criminal. The West supports all this,” Lavrov proclaimed.

Indeed, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is heating up. Currently, it’s in a proxy phase with the Collective West arming Ukraine to the teeth. However, as heavier weapons start to be delivered, Russia will be compelled to take more escalatory measures that could compel NATO to intervene in Ukraine. This would be a disaster on all fronts. 

Hopefully, wiser heads come out on top and find a way out of this conflict. The world does not need to sleepwalk into a potential nuclear conflict.

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