Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Says Russia and China Will Work Together to Halt NATO Expansion in the Asia-Pacific Region

On December 1, 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a press conference on European security issues that NATO’s maneuvers in Europe  were prompting Russia and China to cooperate more on military matters.

In response to the Collective West’s military encroachments in the Asia-Pacific, China and Russia plan on holding joint exercises 

.“We know how seriously the People’s Republic of China regards these provocations [by NATO in the South China Sea], let alone Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait. We understand that this playing with fire by NATO in that part of the world carries threats and risks for the Russian Federation. It’s as close to our shores and our seas as it is to Chinese territory. So, our military cooperation with the People’s Republic of China is developing. We are holding joint exercises, both counterterrorism exercises and air patrolling exercises,” the minister stated.

“These are precautions that show our readiness for any eventuality. But the fact that it’s NATO, led by the US, that follows Europe in trying to create an explosive situation there is perfectly well understood by everyone,” he remarked. 

Lavrov alluded to the US government’s strategy to establish military alliances throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Per Lavrov, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea are currently being encouraged to join the AUKUS military alliance originally made up of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the US. 

“Just as the US and the European Union in Ukraine have destroyed all the principles of OSCE cooperation and promoted their unilateral approaches, as they are more broadly destroying the OSCE and offering the region narrow, non-inclusive formats such as the European Political Community, they in the same way destroy the universal platform for cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region – I mean the ASEAN,” Lavrov declared.

“The destructive nature of U.S. actions against these organizations is obvious to all. A course is taken to regularly create disturbances, hot spots in the hope that the US is far away, and the more crises it provokes, the more US competitors will weaken themselves, weaken each other. Just like Europe is now weakening itself by running recklessly after the US and supporting its Russophobic policy and policy of using Ukraine as a means of warfare against the Russian Federation,” the Russian  foreign minister added.

The Collective West is animated by a universalist foreign policy ethos where it believes it has the right to intervene anywhere on the planet and impose its multicultural, liberal norms on all countries who don’t embrace these principles. However, the world of geopolitics cares very little for ideological fixations. Great powers with overly-ambitious global projects inevitably meet pushback as balancing coalitions naturally form to counter them.

The emerging Eurasian axis demonstrates how the Collective West will now be facing more resistance from countries such as China and Russia, who are not down with its degenerate woke agenda.

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