Russian Foreign Ministry: French Protesters are Using Weapons That Collective West Sent to Ukraine

On July 6, 2023, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared that French protesters are using weapons that the Collective West sent to Ukraine 

The diplomat called attention to how the weapons, supplied by the Collective West, NATO and France are being used to support “nationalists, Nazis and fascists in Ukraine boomerang and not only end up on their own territory, but are being fired at their own people.”

“Weapons, shipped to Kiev, end up in the hands of these protesters and are being used against the police back in France,” she added .

Zakharova declared that the Collective West “opens the Pandora’s box” by allegedly fomenting  Nazism in Ukraine.

“We can see the results of such policy already: nationalist radicals across Europe have become active, encouraged. They see now that this is not only allowed now but is also being funded well, and, furthermore, weapons are being shipped to the likes of them. Nationalist radicals across Europe can read these signs, and, if we believe numerous reports from the media, neo-Nazi groups participate directly in the riots in France. Has this occurred to anyone in the Elysee Palace? If not, then it’s definitely time,” the spokeswoman remarked.

Unrest kicked off in France on June 27 after police fatally shot a 17-year-old driver of Algerian extraction in the Paris suburb of Nanterre after he failed to follow a police order to stop his car. 

The unrest that kicked off since that incident has raised speculation about the US potentially interfering in French affairs by fomenting Black Lives Matter style protests nationwide. On top of that, the US’s reckless deployment of military aid abroad is now beginning to cause instability worldwide as its armaments pop up all across the globe. 

The whole point of American-style globalism is to remake the entire globe in America’s dysfunctional image. The first way this is done is by generating enough instability that it collapses the nation-state system of a particular country. From there, it will be assimilated into the globalist Borg. — a prospect that should be heavily resisted by sane people worldwide.

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