Russian Foreign Ministry Says United States is Playing Long Game By Strengthening Ukrainian Military

In a statement published on March 3, 2023, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared that the batch of United States military aid sent to Ukraine at the time is part of a long-term project. 

“On the first anniversary of the special military operation, US officials announced another $2 billion worth of military assistance, which covers several drone types, including the upgraded Switchblade 600 kamikaze drone, the K8 drone from CyberLux, more ammunition for the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system and laser-guided rocket systems, 155 mm artillery rounds, demining equipment and radio-electronic defenses. Washington does not hide the fact that this hardware will be specially ordered from manufacturers, which means that strengthening the Ukrainian armed forces will be a long-term process. The willingness to continue training Ukrainian servicemen in the United States and other NATO countries also confirms that,” the statement highlighted.

Per the Russian Foreign Ministry, the US and its NATO satrapies are implementing their geopolitical goal to destroy Russia by dialing up weapons shipments to Ukraine, training the Ukrainian military, and helping the Ukrainians locate targets and guide attacks. “By supplying high-tech armaments to Ukraine, the United States and their NATO allies are transforming it into their personal laboratory and testing ground for their own inventions,” the ministry continued.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry also called attention to the US’s hypocrisy with regards to Russia’s military operation and the military activity it promotes abroad that often results in numerous human rights violations owing to the use of US arms. “Ukrainian armed formations have been attacking civilians using US-made weapons, using them as a kind of living shield, and shooting prisoners of war with them,” the ministry said in a concluding remark.

Indeed, the military aid being sent to Ukraine is not an altruistic, humanitarian measure. It’s the US’s geopolitical ploy to bleed Russia dry by ensnaring it into a massive military quagmire in Ukraine. In effect, Ukraine functions as a sacrificial lamb for DC in this case. 

If we want to achieve peace in Ukraine, military aid by the Collective West must be halted ASAP. Should this aid continue flowing, Ukraine’s viability as a nation-state will come into question. Moreover, the risk for a nuclear clash between the Collective West and Russia will increase the longer this proxy conflict continues.

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