Russian Illegal Alien Shot At Southern Arizona Border

A illegal alien identified as a citizen of the Russian Federation was shot by Customs and Border Patrol personnel at the U.S-Mexico Border in southern Arizona after resisting arrest on Thursday.

The man, who was apprehended near Lukeville, Arizona, was flown to a Phoenix hospital to receive medical treatment. He’s expected to survive.

A CBP press release described a “physical altercation” between the man and CBP agents that lead to his non-lethal shooting.

Russian diplomatic staff went on to identify the man as Evgeny Gluschenko, 37. They’ve requested access to the man in accordance with their diplomatic rights. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating his presence at the porous southern border, likely to determine whether or not he represents a national security threat.

This isn’t the first time migrants and other aliens have arrived at the U.S-Mexico border from far-fetched locations. Illegal immigrants from countries such as Iran, Syria and Pakistan have been apprehended attempting to cross into the US from Mexico before, posing a potential terrorism threat.

Gluschenko may be one of the first Russian nationals to be apprehended by CBP, at least in recent years. It’s possible he may have traveled to a nation such as Brazil or Venezuela before beginning a lengthy journey north, hoping to reach the United States.

As reminders of the dangers of a porous, unsecured southern border surface daily, the Trump administration has made mediocre progress in building the ‘big, beautiful’ wall on the southern border the President promised as a candidate. Some new construction of barriers is ongoing, but much of the wall construction merely replaces existing fencing systems.

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