Russian National Security Official Accuses the United States Government of Using Al-Qaeda to Advance Geopolitical Aims

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian leaders have made it a point to distance themselves from the West.

The non-stop barrage of sanctions and de facto cancellation of Russia from the West has made it quite hostile towards the West, and from the looks of it, is in no mood to try to mend relations with it. 

At a meeting where several national security officials from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) were in attendance, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev declared that terrorism was one of the tools in the Collective West’s “arsenal of hybrid wars.” 

At this meeting on June 15, 2022, Patrushev claimed that the United States government created terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. According to Russia-state affiliated media outlet TASS, both of these Islamist organizations are banned in Russia. 

Patrushev believes that the US is still using both of the organizations to carry out its geopolitical objectives 

“Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were created by the Americans and continue to be actively used by the US secret services in pursuit of geopolitical aims,” Patrushev declared.

Patrushev called attention to how Russia continues to spearhead efforts to combat international terrorism. 

“However, they cannot be effective enough without the entire international community playing its role and presenting a common antiterrorist front,” Patrushev emphasized.

The Secretary of the Russian Security Council noted that terrorism was one of several tools in the West’s “arsenal of hybrid wars.” Patrushev added that Russia is still ready for cooperation on counter-terrorism measures. 

“Although the international terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria have now lost much of their original strength, they have been changing tactics and expanding their activity in new areas. Young people are increasingly involved in their activities. There is an obvious trend towards the merger of the terrorist underground with drug, weapons, human and organs trafficking,” Patrushev continued.

The meeting of BRICS representatives tasked with handling security issues was the twelfth conservatuvie meeting of its kind.

To regular observers, Patrushev’s comments might seem outlandish. However, to the seasoned students of international affairs, there’s a kernel of truth to them. The US has a history of funding Sunni militants to carry out geopolitical objectives against rival powers. Examples like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Syria stand out.

US foreign policy officials may pound their chest about how the US is “exceptional” but it behaves like any other rogue state by promoting insurgencies and other movements that destabilize countries. 

If we want more international stability, our ruling class will need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and recognize that the US government is responsible for generating so much instability abroad. Now, more than ever, the US needs to exercise restraint in foreign affairs and start focusing more on border security and building productive relations in the Western Hemisphere. 

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