Russian President Vladimir Putin Signs Law Banning Transgender Genital Mutilation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law officially banning all transgender genital mutilation in his home nation.

The new law, which was approved unanimously by both chambers of the Russian Duma, prohibits all “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person” and also prevents any individual from changing their gender on legal documents or public records.

Additionally, the law states that all marriages are annulled where a person claims they “changed gender” while banning all transgenders from adopting children or becoming foster parents.

Big League Politics has reported on Putin’s crusade to prevent Western decadence and degeneracy from invading and corroding his nation:

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a historic address on Friday where he announced the annexation of provinces that were formerly part of Ukraine following referenda where voters in those areas decided to secede from Ukraine in order to join Russia.

During the speech, Putin exposed his Western opposition, who is sending billions in military aid to prop up Ukraine’s corrupt puppet government, as “satanic” for their anti-family policies, including the embrace of the LGBT agenda.

“They have moved on entirely, to a radical denial of moral norms, religion, and family,” Putin said.

“The dictatorship of the Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This is a complete denial of humanity, the overthrow of faith and traditional values. Indeed, the suppression of freedom itself has taken on the features of a religion: outright Satanism,” the Russian President continued.

“Do we really want, here, in our country, in Russia, instead of ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, to have ‘parent No. 1’, ‘parent No. 2’, ‘No. 3’? Have they gone completely insane? Do we really want … it drilled into children in our schools … that there are supposedly genders besides women and men, and [children to be] offered the chance to undergo sex change operations? … We have a different future, our own future,” he added…

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said in Japan following the G20 Summit Saturday that the “liberal idea has started eating itself,” slamming the globalist Left for their policies on migrants and the LGBT agenda.

“The liberal idea has started eating itself. Millions of people live their lives, and those who propagate those ideas are separate from them,” Putin stated.

Putin is demonstrating the type of leadership that makes the globalists hate him. No children will have their genitals butchered in the name of satan in his country.

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