‘Russians with Attitude’ Podcast Gets Their Twitter Account Restored

Russians with Attitude Podcast Gets Restored-

The dissident podcast is safe for now.

Russians with Attitude Podcast, a podcast dedicated to Russian history and culture, was originally suspended from Twitter on April 12, 2022 

However good fortune struck them on April 13 when Twitter reinstated their account.

The RWA Twitter account posted, “It’s crazy that we’re still here. Probably because we love Indian people, CEOs and programmers so much

We will never get tired of dunking on our loser haters and various NGO shills. Welcome to RWA!


The RWA account also made sure to dunk on Richard Spencer, who previously took joy in RWA being suspended from Twitter. Spencer tweeted on April 12, “The Traitors Coalition has lost a major supply of copium.

Over the past two years, Spencer has taken a more pro-establishment turn by adopting beliefs that are more in line with the political mainstream. Chief among them, is his fervid support for NATO.

Russians Podcast Gets Restored


After RWA was reinstated, they tweeted, ratio + seethe + you work for the CIA” in response to Spencer’s comment.

When a follower asked why Twitter restored their account, RWA responded:

Either the ban was genuinely an algorithmic mistake because of the 1000s of reports every single day or it was the pressure from influential people who enjoy our content. In any case, thanks to everyone for your support!

RWA added that they’ll keep their account locked in the meantime:

We’ll keep the account locked for a while until it seems safer. It’s a dangerous world out there! In the meantime, I think we’ll keep posting all content to our Telegram channel: 


Over the last few months, RWA has made an interesting pivot, going from a podcast that covered Russian history and culture to a podcast that covers the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. RWA’s coverage of events has been balanced and has often clashed with the West’s recounting of events.

Dissenting voices on social media are necessary for people to receive accurate information. Big Tech is the biggest impediment towards political discourse. 

National populists must make the regulations of Big Tech a major part of their political platform. These companies pose an existential threat to free speech and allow for the  establishment to endlessly push for civilization destroying policies such as never-ending wars, mass migration, and sexual deviancy.

Losing the fight against Big Tech would allow globalists to maintain a monolithic discourse on the modern-day public square, which would make their agenda easier to implement. 

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