SAD: Fake News Media Attempts to Re-Brand Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic as the ‘Trumpvirus’

The fake news media, desperate to protect the Chinese communists who they are in the tank for, are pathetically attempting to re-brand coronavirus as the “Trumpvirus.”

The New York Times published an op/ed on Wednesday, in which author Gail Collins complained that Vice President Mike Pence would be focusing on stopping the spread of coronavirus throughout the United States.

“Yeah, when you think of Mike Pence you maybe don’t think about Pandemic Fighter Supreme. But as President Trump pointed out repeatedly, he has already run Indiana,” Collins wrote.

She added: “Well, it probably could have been worse. Having a czar does make you feel there’s somebody in charge. At least Trump didn’t come before the cameras and announce solemnly, ‘Today I’m asking every American to cross your fingers.'”

She continued to complain about the President’s behavior in the op/ed from there.

“So the problems are the Democrats and the flu. The answers are Mike Pence and … reminding the public once again that Nancy Pelosi’s district has a big homeless problem,” Collins wrote.

“Earlier in the day Trump argued, via tweet, that despite the expressions of concern by the evil media and “incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades,” the government is perfectly prepared to handle the coronavirus. Which he misspelled “caronavirus.” But nobody’s perfect,” she added.

Collins concluded, in a sad attempt at humor: “Chances are, if the president is encouraged to mix the subjects of coronavirus and Mexico walls, he’ll suddenly announce that we need a barrier much bigger and thicker and more expensive, so it can stop the flow of immigrant germs.”

Conservative pundits Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro pointed out the insanity of blaming the coronavirus on Trump when the authoritarian nation of China was the clear origin of the global pandemic that now has the entire world on edge.

“So China releases a highly viral and significantly deadly virus and actively shuts down information about it, the virus hits every populated continent…and you’re calling it Trumpvirus?” Shapiro asked incredulously in a Tweet.

“I refuse to link to The NY Times anymore but yes, it’s true, the paper has been infected by Trumpvirus,” Rubin wrote.

“It starts as a standard case of Trump Dernagement (sic) Syndrome, but spreads quickly and takes over the host completely,” he added.

The fake news media is covering for their Chinese masters, and trying to assign all blame on President Trump. Their Trump derangement syndrome and the effect it is having on deranged liberals worldwide may be the worst public health crisis of all.

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