San Francisco Restaurant Bans Police Officers From Entering Restaurant Armed

Reem California, a restaurant based in San Francisco is prohibiting armed police officers from entering the business’ premises.

This policy was placed under scrutiny after the restaurant denied service to a San Francisco police officer. 

The San Francisco Police Officers Association (POA) recounted the incident on X:

NO COPS ALLOWED. That’s the confirmed policy of the bakery chain Reem’s. One of our officers was denied service last weekend because he was in uniform. Reem’s confirms that they will not serve anyone armed and in uniform. Presumably, this includes members of the US Military.

The restaurant went on Instagram to publish a post explaining that it implemented the policy in order to express solidarity with non-whites and…to keep people “safer.”

San Francisco POA made another post on X asserting that Reem’s California did not place a sign by the door announcing their policy. In turn, the officer walked into the restaurant completely unaware of the policy.

San Francisco POA declared, “We are not asking Reem’s or any business with a bigoted policy to serve our officers. We’re asking them to own their discriminatory policy & and put up a sign so we know not to spend money in your establishment—on or off duty.”

Such policies by private establishments are pretty much the norm in blue states. The jurisdictions are monolithically on the Left as far as culture and politics as well.  

California is one of the nation’s most anti-gun states, as evidenced by its horrendous 48th place ranking for Guns & Ammo magazine.

There are valid criticisms to be made about law enforcement. However, the excessive demonization and attacks levied against the police are counterproductive.

In radically anti-gun areas like San Francisco, competent law enforcement is the last line of defense against criminals. Without the police,  these cities would descend into total chaos.

In an ideal world, America would have competent law enforcement and the full restoration of the Second Amendment across the nation.

Sadly, we don’t live in that world, many lawful citizens in cities like San Francisco will suffer as a result.

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