Sanctuary Cities Are Now Becoming Overwhelmed by Massive Illegal Alien Influx

Sanctuary cities have become a wedge issue in American politics over the past three decades. Progressive cities have gained notoriety for allowing illegal aliens to settle in these jurisdictions  and enjoy public services in clear violation of federal laws. 

However, this long-standing practice could be coming to an end. 

Joe Guzzardi, a writer who covers immigration policy extensively, noted how certain cities are now reaching a breaking point when it comes to the influx of illegals arriving in the US. Several Democratic-controlled cities are starting to become overwhelmed by the Biden regime’s open borders agenda.

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bussed several thousand migrants to New York in an effort to get the Empire State to pull its weight and provide shelter to border crossers that have largely strained Texas’s resources. This migrant surge is not the random product of the elements. It’s the result of the Biden regime’s open borders policies. 

Now, New York City is bearing the brunt of these open borders policies, as it has had to digest roughly 4,000 illegal aliens who have sought refuge in NYC’s shelter facilities since May. Adams has described Texas’ move to dump migrants on New york as cruel.” He also added that this is an ”unprecedented surge” that is putting great pressure on the city’s resources. In response, Adams unsuccessfully called on the federal government to bail his city out. 

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser echoed Adams’ complaints. She described the migrant influx as “critical.” Like her NYC counterpart, Bowser has urged for the feds to step in, with no success. 

Since April, Abbott has sent over 6,800 illegal aliens to DC. Bowser has demanded that the National Guard step in “to help prevent a prolonged humanitarian crisis in our nation’s capital resulting from the daily arrival of migrants in need of assistance.” McAllen, Texas, Mayor Javier Villalobos took shots at Adams and Bowser. Villalobos stated: “The city of McAllen was able to deal with thousands of immigrants a day; I think they can handle a few hundred.”

Indeed, it’s amusing to see blue city mayors get a taste of their own open borders medicine. This writer would prefer that red state governors single out the biggest mass migration boosters — politicians, donors, NGO activists, and pundits — and drop those illegal aliens in their neighborhoods. It will be amusing to see how those open borders fanatics respond to being swamped by illegal aliens.

Ideally, red state governors whose states straddle the southern border with Mexico should start taking border security into their own hands. They can do so by building fortifications and creating their own state border patrols to stem the mass migration Zerg Rush. The Feds have clearly demonstrated that they’re negligent when it comes to immigration enforcement. 

Real solutions to America’s migration problems will come from bold red states that are willing to buck the status quo. 

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