SANITY: Transgender Sex Changes Will No Longer Be Recognized If Proposed Legislation Passes In Hungary

Under the leadership of populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungary is looking to push legislation that will terminate the legal recognition of transsexuals.

The legislation is based on biological realities in its definition of gender being “biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes”, which effectively makes it impossible for people to legally go through a sex change.

LGBT activists and proponents of sex change claim that the law will increase discrimination and intolerance towards trans people.

“In Hungary, you need to show your ID to rent a bike, buy a bus pass or to pick up a package at the post office. It basically means coming out as trans to complete strangers, all the time. The good version is they are nice about it, but there are situations where people turn quite hostile,” said Ivett Ördög, a 39-year-old biological male living in Budapest.

Bernadett Szél, an independent member of parliament and a staunch opponent of the law, described the legislative proposal as “evil” and “a step back in time”.

Szél was also critical of the bill’s timing. “We have a pandemic going on and all of us should be focusing on two things: healthcare issues and helping people financially to secure their wellbeing. What is happening in Hungary is a scandal,” she stated.

Legal experts believe that the new law is in clear violation of European human rights case law, which leaves it susceptible to challenges in both the Hungarian supreme court and the European court of human rights (ECHR).

Under Orbán’s leadership, Hungary has offered a stark alternative to the globalist status quo.

For that reason, the mainstream media and political elites across the globe despise Hungary.

American populists should take cues from Hungary’s example.

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