Sarah Jeong Hated On Charles C. Johnson

Charles C. Johnson, Facebook

Incoming New York Times face Sarah Jeong continues to be dogged by her years of vicious tweets directed at white people, for whom she expressed disgust. Jeong also put forth a violent fantasy about Charles C. Johnson, the reporter and GotNews founder who remains involved in foreign diplomacy.

Jeong fantasized in a manner reminiscent of witchcraft spells, or voodoo hexes.

The corporate mainstream media recently targeted Johnson for his effort to earn immunity for Julian Assange, which would consequently lead to the revelation of Assange’s source for the leak of Democratic National Committee emails (in a quid pro quo). Assange has strongly implied that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the source of the leak.

WikiLeaks could stand to make journalism history in an important way by stating outright the source of the DNC email leak. While Assange has said revealing sources puts them in danger, the fact of the matter is that Assange could be protecting future sources by exposing what happened to Seth Rich.

Cassandra Fairbanks interviewed Johnson after the redheaded change agent visited Assange at London’s Ecuadorian embassy with California Republican congressman Dana Rohrbacher. She wrote:

Rohrabacher reportedly met with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly two weeks ago, providing him with details about his meeting with Assange in August, and requesting that Assange be pardoned in exchange for the information.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump was questioned about the offer — and told a reporter that he has “never heard that mentioned.”
“I’ve never heard that mentioned, really, I’ve never heard that mentioned,” Trump told a reporter at a New Jersey airport on Sunday.
Johnson is now claiming that Kelly is blocking the information and offer from reaching the president.
“Kelly is blocking this from getting to the president’s attention. I would fire Kelly for that,” Johnson told BLP.
Johnson is now calling for someone with the president’s ear to alert him of what has been going on.

“I have learned that John Kelly is blocking Congressman Dana Rohrabacher from telling the President the truth about the Wikileaks publication of the DNC. Please alert the president,” the well-connected journalist wrote on Facebook.


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